Hello there!  Thank you for stopping by! My name is Denisse and I really like to write.  I am married to my wonderful high school sweetheart, Ian, and we have the best three kids in the world.

My life is simple. It involves mothering my little ones, loving my husband, and sharing God’s love. I enjoy finding the beauty all around me. I love nurturing people and friendships.  I really like to decorate my house, sew pretty things, and play with my kids.  I admit that I take too many pictures of them on my iphone, but I love documenting our lives, so that’s okay with me.


Life was going wonderfully for our family when, out of the blue, by husband Ian became critically ill in January of 2012.  What started as pneumonia turned into septic shock and he went into multi-organ failure.  He was not expected to live, but God had other plans!


Ian is now alive and well, and God has graciously given us a permanent reminder of how he saved Ian from death.  While he was in the hospital, his blood pressure was so low that his limbs did not get adequate blood flow.  As a result, Ian had to have all his fingers and both of his legs amputated below the knee.  After many months of hospitalizations and rehabilitation, Ian is doing remarkably.



While updating about his improvements through another site, I learned that I really like to write. So, here I am!

This blog is simply a place for me to share anything and everything that I like.  I may share about my kids, my crafts, my husband, and my God.  I hope you enjoy.  Stay as long as you like.





If you want to read more about our story, here are a couple of links to check out.

What happened to Ian anyway? part 1

What happened to Ian anyway? part 2

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