Most of you have heard of the great marketplace called Craigslist. It’s a good place to sell something you don’t need anymore. You might be able to score a good deal on furniture, collectibles, or even a car. The possibilities are endless. Really.

Today’s hero story will shock you.

Catherine T. came across an unusual ad on Craigslist one day. I don’t have the exact ad, but I imagine it was something close to this.

IN SEARCH OF KIDNEY FOR MY DAD. Please help save his life.

Woah. I’ve never come across anything like that on Craigslist. What would you do if you came across this ad? You might think, oh that’s so sad. This lady is so desperate to find a kidney for her father. She is posting on Craigslist! I would probably think, there’s no way I’m giving someone I don’t know one of my kidneys. Besides, I’m probably not a match.

Catherine reacted in a way most of us wouldn’t. Her heart was touched. She wanted to help this daughter pleading for her father’s life. She was willing to give a stranger one of her kidneys.

Well, wouldn’t you know she was actually a match!

And she followed through with it. She gave a complete stranger one of her kidneys to save his life.

All because of an ad on Craigslist.


Catherine is a real life hero. Her friend, Denise, nominated her because she is the most giving, selfless person she knows. The two met thirteen years ago when Catherine was Denise’s daughter’s art teacher. In that time, Denise has watched Catherine go out of her way to help others. She never turns anyone in need away. She always has something to share, even in times when she has gone through hardship herself. Catherine has taken people into her home. She loves and rescues dogs and wolves. Yes, wolves. But the most remarkable act she has done has been donating her kidney to a stranger.

Catherine gave someone else a chance at life. She gave something of herself that cannot be replaced. I suspect she did it not expecting anything in return.

Isn’t this such a sweet story? Wouldn’t you want to be friends with Catherine? I just want to give her the biggest hug! It’s refreshing to know that everyday people like you and me can be heroes. I’m convinced real heroes don’t wear capes. Heroes are people who do what they do, not for anyone else to see, but because their heart tells them to. That’s what we admire about them.

Thank you for being you, Catherine!



This post is part of a series of 31 Real Life Heroes. If you’d like to nominate your hero, please email dwarshak(at)


4 thoughts on “Real Life Hero: Catherine T.

  1. Catherine needs some heros to help her rebuild her home that burned down a few months after she donated her kidney. Just trying to raise enough money to complete her framing package, she has a lot of volunteers waiting to help build her home and many heros have already donated materials . You can go to
    http://www.youcaring/catherine-touch364198 you can go to You Caring and make a donation to help Catherine out. Please give back to Catherine like she gave back to a total stranger. We can all be heros in God’s eyes. He calls us in different ways to help others. The word he uses most is love one another and this is a wonderful way to show your love to Catherine. You will be blessed and what you give will be returned to you in more blessing than you can count from our Lord. Just try it and see, you will not regret it. May you be blessed, Dana Florence


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