I’m working on a project this October! With all the negativity these days I want to focus on the positives to encourage people. Rather than criticizing and attacking others, I suggest loving one another and sharing each other’s accomplishments and goodness.

Everyday this month I will be sharing a story about a real life hero. The person may be someone who has beat the odds and thrived through hardship, or maybe someone whose act of kindness changed someone else’s life. Any reason to be a hero works for me.

I’m asking for your help in this. You, my dear friends, are bringing these heroes to light. You can nominate someone you consider a hero for simply being who they are. Let’s encourage each other by sharing each others stories.

(If you’d like to tell me about your hero, send me an email at dwarshak(at)gmail.com. I will send you a few questions to answer that will help me write their story.)

I’ve already received some great suggestions and I can’t wait to share them with you! After reading about these heroes, my hope is that you will have renewed hope and faith in humanity.



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