5 Reasons Why Daddy is Better Than Mommy.


It’s Father’s Day weekend. (Ian calls it ‘Father’s Month’ actually.) I’ve been thinking about all the things I love about him and how he loves our kids, and I’ve come up with a conclusion. Our kids like him better than me, and I’m okay with that. I’m willing to bet this is case in most other families, too. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on any of these points.

1. Daddy is more fun.

My kids love me, I’m sure of it. But, there is just something about their Daddy I can’t compete with. When Emma was a baby, I used to rub lotion on her skin after a bath, massaging gently as I went. When Ian did it, he didn’t rub gently, no. He held the bottle of lotion a couple of feet above her and squirted it while making silly tooting sounds. Even as a little baby, she knew. She knew Daddy was more fun. She giggled so much more for him. Her smiles when he came home at the end of the day confirmed it, too.

Sports are fun by definition. Ian has always enjoyed sports. Because of Daddy’s love for sports, Jack has always loved to play with balls, too. Soccer, basketball, football, bouncy balls… if it is round, he loves it. When Ian got sick one of his biggest worries was whether he’d be able to play sports with the kids. “How am I going to throw a football around? Will I be able to play with the kids in the backyard?” We didn’t know how it would work, but we knew he’d figure it out.  Like everything else, he’s been able to play sports with the kids. Last year Ian even coached Jack’s soccer team. (Amazing, I know.)

Ian wrestles with them. He tickles them so much I’m afraid they’ll wet their pants sometimes. Still, all three of them beg to be tickled. They love it. They love him. Daddy is more fun than Mommy.

2. Daddy knows everything.

Recently I overheard a conversation between Ian and Jack. It moved me to tears.

“Daddy, I’m so glad you’re my daddy. You know all about everything.” This is true. Ian knows a LOT of useless information (and some useful stuff, too) If he doesn’t know something, he is quick to Google it. When the kids ask me something and I don’t know the answer (i.e. is the sky really blue? what does it mean to be double jointed? what is the biggest animal in the ocean?) I always defer to Ian. “Oh, I don’t know, guys. That’s a good question for Daddy. Let’s ask him when he gets home.”

You see, I want them to look up to their daddy. I want them to love and admire him, to think he is the best thing since sliced bread. And they do. He is the coolest, best dad in their eyes.

His knowing everything leads me to my next point.


3. Daddy is a great teacher.

He is patient, kind, and loving when he teaches the kids about anything. Ian wants the kids to know anything and everything, and he loves being the one to teach them things. He is constantly explaining the rules of some sport to Jack (currently it’s basketball.) He is showing Emma how to program code by making it fun… we will probably have several computer geeks in the family soon! Luke loves asking Daddy about different kinds of airplanes and their engines. When he sees an airplane in the sky he asks, “Daddy where is that plane going?” Ian opens an app on his phone and says, “That one is on its way to Mexico City.” Or Dallas. Or Frankfurt. Daddy always knows and wants to teach them what he knows.

4. Daddy is unstoppable.

When I asked Emma what she likes about Daddy, she said, “I like that even though he doesn’t have fingers or feet he still does everything he wants.” Ian is unstoppable. What an example and lesson for our kids to carry with them forever! They are learning that even though things are hard sometimes, they are not impossible. If Daddy can accomplish what he has, they, too, can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Ian’s been through a tough experience in life, and yet, for every obstacle that’s been set before him, he has attacked it and succeeded. So you are a computer programmer with no fingers? No problem for Ian. You want to run again after you’ve lost your legs? Of course you do, Ian. You want to drive your daughter to school all by yourself? The sky’s the limit.

Ian is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Africa later this year. He is truly unstoppable!

5. Daddy is their hero.

All the cheesy t-shirts that say ‘Daddy is My Superhero are right.’ Daddy is, without a doubt, my kids’ hero. The boys want to be just like their Daddy. I remember a day back when Ian wore the stiff braces on his wrists before he had his fingers amputated… he had left the braces on the coach and sweet three-year-old Jack walked over and put them on himself. “I’m Daddy,” he said with a big smile across his face. Tears filled my eyes. I realized Jack didn’t care that Daddy was going to be different. He loved him because he was HIS Daddy.

Emma thinks Daddy is her hero because he is the ultimate authority in everything. He knows everything, decides everything, can fix everything, the list could go on and on. She loves her daddy-daughter dates with Ian, and I know she is learning how a man should treat her because she is seeing how her daddy treats her. The bar is set high.

I think Daddy is the superhero in every family, don’t you? Kids gravitate to Daddy when he comes home from work. Kids beg for Daddy to read them just one more book at bedtime. Or five more minutes of wrestling in the living room. Or to fix their beloved broken toy. Anything, really. Anything to spend more time with Daddy.

I don’t think this is just at our house. It is probably the case in every home with a daddy. This Father’s Day tell your Daddy how special he is. Make sure he knows you love him for all he does for your family and your kids. Hopefully we can do a good job in our house, too.


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The Tantrum That Taught Me Not To Judge

trip of a lifetime.

IMG_1593 2

May is my month. I get to celebrate Mother’s Day and my birthday…and school is out for summer. Great month indeed.

Last month Ian and I were fortunate enough to go on a trip, a seven night cruise on Royal Caribbean. I turned thirty-five (ugh!) so we thought it would be a great reason to travel. The best part: three other couples who are some of our best friends were going, too! We just had to make it work. This situation might never work out so perfectly again.

When you have three children you don’t just decide to go on a trip. You can’t. What will you do with your kids? Who will feed/bathe/love said kids while you are away? For seven nights (eight since you leave a day earlier to be close to your port)???

Childcare arrangements had to be made. And with us living in an apartment, we had to figure out where the kids would stay. Although we have no backyard and the space is small we decided the apartment was the best place for them. This is where their “stuff” is so they’d be most comfortable here. Luckily, Ian and I have great parents who came to the rescue. My mom and his dad took turns taking care of them. They both made the four hour road trip up to hang out with their grandkids. We are so fortunate to have them!

Once we figured out our kids were taken care of, we started planning. Well, my dear friend, Amy, started planning actually. She told us all about excursions, we all agreed, and then she booked them for us. She told us how much they cost, who we would pay, and anything else we needed to know. Amy would make an amazing travel agent! I love her!

When the day finally came, I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Everything had worked out for us to go. Ian’s dad came in, the kids were excited to see us leave, and I’d magically packed enough clothing for a month for us both. I’d always kinda doubted we would go. I’d think, it would be nice to go, but I’m not sure it will actually happen.

Well, it did. I sat in our car in disbelief Saturday afternoon, both excited to be getting away with Ian and already missing my kids. It was going to be a looooooooong eight days.

The week was amazing! We crammed so many activities, and yet I also felt like all I did was sleep and eat. Have I mentioned how amazing it was???

We ate a LOT.

We slept a LOT.

We had uninterrupted time with friends.


We went to the beach.

We went snorkeling!!! (We put flippers on Ian’s prosthetics!!! Post coming about that!)



We went zip lining!! (I loved watching Ian do this in his fake legs! Post coming about that!)

We played blackjack, slot machines, and bingo. Yep, bingo.

I read an entire book. (The Girl on the Train)

We hung out on our balcony and watched the sky and the ocean. My favorite was looking out at night.


The part I was anxious about was leaving the kids and not being able to communicate with them. But that wasn’t the case. We were able to buy an internet package on our ship and we were able to text and sometimes Facetime with them. It was great to be away and still know what they were up to. The kids really enjoyed knowing what we were up to each day, too.


Overall, it was an amazing trip. The trip of a lifetime. I really don’t know if a trip like this can ever happen again. I’m so grateful we were able to go. Thanks, Mom and Mike for taking care of my babies while we were away!