We moved into our apartment last Friday. Already we are ready to move out. It’s just kinda stale and bland here, and the constant stomping coming from above is getting really old. Of course, it also makes us aware that we may be stomping on our floor, too. (So sorry people downstairs!)

A couple of nights ago as we were having dinner in our little kitchen, Ian noticed something.

“What is that on the floor?”

I got up and went to the area across from the sink. There, on the floor, was a small orange creature. I couldn’t tell exactly what it was… Was it a lizard? Or a weird salamander? Or HALF of a salamander? Whatever it was, it was gross. It jumped.

OH, MY GOODNESS! IT’S GOLDIE!!! Jack’s beloved Beta fish! I looked up into his bowl on the counter above. No Goldie in there.

“THAT’S GOLDIE!” I heard my own high-pitched hysterical voice. The kids froze.

Ian, being the calm and awesome one that he is, said, “Pick him up and put him back.”

I pondered that for about half a second and replied, “I can’t. I just can’t.”

So he got up and grabbed a paper towel. He carefully laid the paper towel on Goldie, who was now squirming, and tried to grab him.

I looked away.

But then I just had to look. I had to see what would happen.

I saw Ian try once, and fail. He tried again, and didn’t grab him that time either. I started to wonder if I should try to get Goldie myself. After all, I’M THE ONE WITH FINGERS.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to. Ian finally grabbed Goldie and quickly dropped him back into his bowl. We all gathered around and watched to see what would happen next.

“He might not make it, guys,” I said. “He was out of his water too long.”


Let me just say, Goldie is a miracle fish. He jumped out of his bowl somehow and landed himself on the floor. Then, he was out of his bowl for a while… I’d say at least a minute or two. Then, he was grabbed/pinched/squeezed and thrown back in his bowl. And he survived it all.

My kids were really concerned for Goldie. He wasn’t swimming as quick as he did before. When I dropped some food in the bowl he seemed to be swimming in the wrong direction, maybe like he couldn’t control which direction he was going. The boys insisted on praying for Goldie so he would get better. Thankfully two days later he is still alive and looking good. 🙂

What a story to tell! Does anyone have any other funny, silly stories like this? Share away!


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