So I’ve been a little absent lately. Life is busy around here. Soccer has started again. Our oldest just completed her first science fair project. And on top of it all, we’ve been busy selling a house. Wait. What?

Yes! We sold our house!

We are actively, aggressively, passionately (insert any other adverb that means urgent) searching for a new one. The perfect one. Because we are homeless. Our house has sold and we have to be gone in 6 weeks… I mean 5 weeks. Yes, its 5.

All of that to say, please pray that we would find a new home in the next week or two. This is the biggest purchase we will ever make, and we want to be wise in our decision. We want our home to be a place where we can gather family and friends, where our kids can invite their own friends, where we can make memories as wonderful as the ones we have made in our sweet first home. There are so many feelings associated with leaving this first home. Sadness to be leaving it, but also gratefulness for all the good times. We brought all three of our children home here. We brought Ian home after his illness here. So much life has happened in these walls. It has been as close to perfect as it could be. Now that the time has come, we pray for the next one to be just as perfect for us.

I’m excited for the next chapter for us. Will you keep our house hunt in your prayers?





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