Let me just begin by saying this. Taking photographs of yourself is not easy. I’ve spent the last hour standing on a stool in my bathroom, trying on different clothes, posing in different to find the most flattering view, and smiling so much my face hurts. {I hope you appreciate my smiling in the pics.}

Here goes.

When I first signed up for Stitch Fix, I filled out a questionnaire about myself. In order to know what clothes I’d like they asked what I did for a living, how often I dress up, and anything else I’d like to share. They also had photos of clothes and I could choose whether or not I liked them. (I could even say I LOVED or HATED them.)  And, of course, they needed my size. I shared that I am a stay at home mom and that I like to dress comfortably… But I’m also willing to try something new outside of my comfort zone.

I waited anxiously for the week it took for my fix to arrive. It finally arrived yesterday and I couldn’t wait to open it! I was very impressed when I opened the box. It was packaged nicely and neatly, so I felt pretty fancy. A teal envelope had a little note written to me with info about the pieces they sent. They even had cards with photos of the clothes with ideas on how you can wear them. (i.e. wear this one with a skirt and flats, OR wear with heels and a big colorful necklace, etc) Again, I was really impressed.

There was also a separate sheet with a list of the items and their prices, also reminding you that if you keep all 5 things you get 25% off your entire purchase!

Here’s what they sent.

#1 Faux Wrap Dress

I’m sharing this one first because I LOVE it. When I took it out of the box I wasn’t impressed. I actually thought I’d send it back before I even tried it on. The pattern seemed weird. A wrap dress? What? NO WAY. Well, never say never. Look, I’m smiling.


The fabric is smooth. It’s actually flattering to my soft, plump belly. And that little belt, well, its perfect. I think it gives the illusion of a smaller waist. Who doesn’t want that?

The length of the sleeves is ideal, too. They cover a lot of my arm which means I won’t need to wear a sweater on top!

When I walk the skirt flows in a pretty way. It makes me feel like twirling. I like this dress so much I’m already planning on wearing it for our Valentine’s Day dinner with friends.

INFO: Faux wrap dress, $64

VERDICT: Not what I would ever pick out for myself at a store, but surprisingly cute. KEEP!

#2 Knit tank & #3 Skinny Jean

I really like this combo. I told them I am a stay at home mom and wear jeans everyday and they delivered.



The tank is super soft. I like to wear gray (Ian’s favorite color) so this is perfect. I like the peachy orange color, too. It was hard to take good pics of the back of it, but its actually cuter in the back. Its solid gray and has a large oval peep hole below the neck. None of the pics I got were flattering so I didn’t post one of the back. Oh well. I like it.

These are not your typical jeans. Right out of the box, they felt fancy. Thick denim. Dark wash. Lighter thread color stands out. They also have a little stretch in them. I’ve been needing a pair of nice jeans. These are great.

INFO: Knit Tank, $48 & Skinny Jean, $78

VERDICT: These are pieces I will wear A LOT. The top can be worn with a cardigan now or with shorts in the spring and summer. KEEP! And jeans are always needed. It’s hard to find a pair that fits right and looks good. This brand worked well for me. KEEP!

#4 V-Neck Knit Top

This one is such a pretty color and its really, really soft, too! And its silky/flowy.. is that a word? I’m wearing it with a cami underneath because it would show more softness around my belly than I would like. 🙂

I chose to wear it with leggings. Again, I’m trying to wear things outside my comfort zone.



INFO: V-Neck Knit Top, $38

VERDICT: I’ve wanted something tunic-like for a long time. This is longer than most of the shirts I own. I like that I can wear it with jeans or leggings. The cut on top with the trim is something different for me, too. KEEP!

#5 Gem Drop Earrings


I probably shouldn’t have asked for jewelry. There is a place for that on the questionnaire.  I’d just rather get more clothes now that I know I’ll like them. If I change my mind later or need something special for an occasion I can also ask them to send me some.

These earrings are pretty. I don’t have anything like them. Color or shape. I like that they are dangly, but not too big. I think I will make an effort to wear them since I have them. Think outside the box, Denisse.

INFO: Gem Drop Earrings, $28

VERDICT: I like these earrings. (not love) I could probably take them or leave them, but here’s something to consider. IF I keep all 5 pieces I can get 25% off my entire order. So, when I calculated everything, It would save me more money overall to keep the earrings because I’d save more than the $28 they cost. BAM!


I LOVE STITCH FIX! They got ME right! You may not like the things they picked for me, but that’s okay because I DO, and I’m the one who will wear them. I can totally see myself wearing them!

My advice to you would be to give it a try. Fill out the questionnaire as detailed as you can and hope they send you some things you’ll like and actually wear. It really was fun to open the box with surprises inside. 🙂

If you decide to get your own Stitch Fix, use my link below so I can get referral credit. I’d love to keep shopping and posting my finds!


Click on this link to get your own Stitch Fix!


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