Happy birthday to my firstborn. She is nine years old today, and I couldn’t be more proud of her. I cannot believe I’ve been a mommy for this long! In some ways it seems like its been longer than that, and yet, I can still remember those first few months after she was born. Like it was yesterday.

Last night as I tried to sleep, I thought about her. I thought back to things about her in the first few months and years of her life… her first steps, the first time she went swimming, her first words… her sweet toothless, gummy smile.. her bald head {she didn’t have hair for a LONG time.} I will cherish those memories always.

I remembered how brave she was during the time that Ian was sick and not home for several months. She’d always been mature for her age, talking way earlier than other kiddos, and bright as could be. She was reading before she started kindergarten, spoke before she was two, and just had a maturity beyond her age. At five years old, she went through family hardship some kids might never have to face. God knew to make her strong.. and smart.. and He gave her faith. For that reason, she was able to survive the season life threw at her. She made me so proud.

Today, I realized I only get her for another nine years. That’s it. Isn’t that crazy? I’m halfway through theĀ parenting years under my roof. At eighteen I pray she will be a responsible young woman, ready for college, and ready to face the world. I pray that I would continue to raise her in a way that will prepare her for that. I want to teach her to be gentle, honest, and hardworking. I want her to love others more than herself, and to treat others with respect and kindness. I want her to fill a need when she sees one. I want her to do God’s work, selflessly. I want her to LOVE others.

I want her to change the world. So, today, on her ninth birthday, I reflect on these things and set my mind and my heart on those goals. God has trusted me to be her mommy. I pray that I’m up for the challenge and teach her well.


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