I’m getting ready for the birthday marathon in our family. My two oldest have birthdays three days apart, January 20th and 23rd. Parties were easier years ago when we did one combined party, but as they’ve grown older the desire to have their own is too much. So separate parties it is.

The get-togethers are like night and day. My daughter prefers an all-girls sleepoverish party with her friends coming over to our house in pajamas to make crafts and watch Troop Beverly Hills. (Yes, one of my favorites from my own childhood.) My five year old boy wants a Ninja Turtles themed pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese’s. The ticket blaster and video games for two hours can only be described as heavenly for my adventurous, high energy boy. Again, the parties will be like night and day.

And yet, preparations have to be made for both.

Guest list.


Party favors.

Outfits for the party.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Birthday table with gifts and breakfast of choice for each kid. THREE DAYS APART.

Good thing I love birthdays.

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