No, not the conference… Our anniversary! Ian and I celebrated TWELVE years of marriage this past weekend. When you consider that we dated for five years before getting married, that means we have been together for 17 years! That’s half of my life!!!

Pretty soon the number of years we’ve been married will exceed those before. Crazy.

In honor of our Big 12 Anni, here are twelve things I love about you, Ian, because I know you are reading this.

1. Your smile. Despite not brushing those pearly whites for weeks while you were in the hospital, they still look pretty good. That smile of yours can still make my heart skip a beat.

2. Your smarts. “Who is the smartest person you know?” I was asked recently. I must not know many people… Or you must be THAT smart… Because my answer is you. You are the smartest person I know. Sometimes I pretend all your useless knowledge is uninteresting, but, deep down, I love that you know everything. From technology to food to sports to foreign affairs to everything else, you always have the answer.

3. Your heart. This one is all encompassing. You are kind, generous, and loving. You always tip more generously than I do, and you remind me to give the kids a break once in a while. Watch out though, that heart of gold of yours will get you in trouble if you’re not careful. Especially with our kids.

4. Your determination. I’m pretty jealous of this one. I admire your motivation.. Your never-ending positivity. There is nothing you can’t do when you’ve set your mind to it. Starting your own business, installing a ceiling fan that takes 12 hours, walking on fake legs… The list could go on and on.

5. Your fathering skills. Our kids have you wrapped around their fingers and I love it. You are gentle and nurturing to them. You are also tough and strict when you need to be. I like that I can call you over to be the bad guy when I don’t want to be the bad guy. I love looking over at you as you discipline.. most of the time you are biting your lip trying not to laugh at one of the kids for the most recent violation.

6. Your husband skills. You are an amazing husband. Much better than I deserve. I realize how difficult I can be sometimes, and you know just how to deal with me. Sometimes you give me the attention I crave, while others you just let me be. You get it right about half of the time. That’s pretty good.

7. Your ability to change the lyrics to any song. You can turn Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off into a song about Jack’s soccer game or Luke’s favorite snack. Or about our dear Lacey Pooh. Every song can be about Lacey. I pretend not to be impressed. I should join you in the silliness more often.

8. Your coding skills. You are good at your job. Great, actually. I love how excited you get about your programming. Unfortunately, you lose my interest a lot. I can only be interested in fields and locations and commands for so long. Still, I admire you for having the passion you have for your work. Not many do the work they love long after the work day is done. You are fortunate to love what you do.

9. Your neatness and organizational skills. Oops. Not. These I do not love. These we must work on. Let’s admit it. I’m not perfect and neither are you.

10. Your willingness to please me. “Let’s go to Disney! Let’s go skiing! Let’s buy the boys bunk beds! Let’s move the furniture in the living room..again! Let’s organize the garage! Let’s sign Jack up for basketball! Let’s buy a new car!” I always have requests. And you always aim to please them. Thank you, my love!

11. Your fake legs. Um. Prosthetic legs. They are a daily visual reminder of what you’ve been through, who you are, and how proud I am of you. These pairs of metal have given you the life you had before you got sick, back to a new normal. For these legs, I am so grateful.

12. Everything else. You are practically perfect to me (despite what I said in #9.) I love everything about you. Even the things I don’t love, I do love because they are a part of you. Does that make sense? There isn’t much you can do wrong in my eyes. You mostly do everything right.


If I had to marry you all over again, I happily would. Happy 12 years, Love! Praying for many, many more!

One thought on “Big 12.

  1. Dear Denise and Ian,
    We just wish you all the best on your 12th anniversary. We remember your use of bells, during the entrance and exit from the church, we remember the lasso used to tie you two together, we still have the bell you passed out, we put it on our Christmas tree annually. We also remember the Model A Ford in which you rode to the reception.
    Such good memories, and still a blessed life.


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