My kids have been pestering me about Christmas. “What do you want, Mommy?” Even Ian has asked me if there’s anything I’d like.

My answer is always, “nothing.” And I really mean it. I don’t want anything. Still, I know my kids want to shop for Mommy so I made a list for them. It’s better to give them some ideas than to get some really random stuff I’ll never use.

On my list are: socks (because I constantly wear socks with holes in them,) a new coin pouch (because my current strawberry shaped one is so ratty it’s embarrassing when I pull it out of my wallet,) and a bike. Yep, a bicycle. I suppose I’d like a vintage teal colored bike with a basket on the front. In my dreams I envision our family going bike-riding together, everyone happy, having a great time. That, however, is not likely when all three kids whine and complain each time we go. They ride their bikes while I walk next to them nagging them to keep going, all while keeping them safe from speeding traffic. They all still have training wheels because they are too afraid to try going without. And I’m not mean enough to force them. Maybe soon. I’m working on getting meaner about that.

So, do I really want a bike? No. Santa if you are reading this, don’t get me a bike. Let this be a lesson to teach my kids you don’t always get what you put on your list. Ha.

Maybe I’ll get another coffee mug and journal like I do for every other occasion throughout the year. You can’t go wrong with a container for my favorite beverage and pretty paper. Those are always perfect for me. ❤️

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