“If there was no Jesus, there would be no Christmas,” I said to my kids.

I could see the troubled looks on their faces. After weeks of anticipating the coming of Christmas, the thought of no Christmas at all was almost too much for them to bear.

So, no tree, no decorations, no presents IF there was no JESUS.

“Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. That’s the only reason we celebrate it.”

It’s tough for a kid to understand that. My oldest, who is eight, is used to hearing the stories. She knows. But, my boys, who are five and three, still need to be taught. The following books are some of my favorites to teach kids “the reason for the season.” I will give these away to one lucky winner… OR you can order them for yourself!

The first book above is written from the perspectives of the animals and people around Jesus on the night of his birth. For example, the donkey says, “I am the donkey, soft and grey, I carried his mother from far away.” Among the characters are the star, the shepherds, Mary, and of course, the baby.


This book tells the entire story beginning with Joseph and Mary taking a trip with her riding on a donkey. There is no room for them to stay, but an innkeeper lets them stay in his manger. The baby Jesus in born and shepherds came to worship HIM.


This one is my favorite. Mortimer, the mouse, finds a manger in the living room each night. He decides to move all the “statues” out and takes the baby’s bed on the soft hay. Throughout the story he learns about Jesus, and, by the end, he gives the baby the bed back. He prays for his own home and discovers a house just for him!



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Winner will be announced Friday, December 19!

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: favorite kids Christmas books.

  1. my children are 4 and 1 so they both are still learning about the true meaning of Christmas. My favorite things to do with them now are watch Christmas movies, decorate the tree, and make Christmas cookies. My 4 year old helps and my one year old plays on the floor and watches us 😉


  2. I created a large Advent Calendar for Christmas. Every day the kids pull out a piece of scripture telling about the story of Baby Jesus. On Christmas Eve we read about it in the Children’s Bible.


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