God has written a beautiful story in our family. Ian and I are lucky to be a part of it.

I never imagined talking to a large group of people. Ever. I didn’t think anyone would care to hear anything I had to say. I didn’t think I could face people looking at ME, just ME, with their eyes on me waiting to hear the words coming out of my mouth. Public speaking ranked so low on my list… it was down there with doing a triathlon or eating raw oysters or having to clean a public men’s restroom. DEAD LAST.

Well, oh well, this is just another one of those things I could have never planned for myself. In the last few months I’ve been asked to speak FIVE times. I realized this story God has written in us had to be shared, I just never thought it would be ME sharing it. Since I had no good reason to turn down the requests I decided to go ahead and share. God deserves the glory for everything that has happened, and I will gladly tell anyone who is willing to listen. As long as I’m asked, I will share.

This Thursday I will be speaking to a group of mothers of preschoolers. It will be the first time I share my testimony and tell the story about what happened to Ian in a public setting. I’m really, really excited about it. God is all over this, because, I don’t feel scared or anxious. I can’t wait to tell people about how our lives have changed, how awesome life is, and how everyone should embrace joy in all circumstances. Since I’ll be speaking to moms specifically, I also want to encourage them to be brave in the stage of life they are in… whatever that may be… and to choose joy everyday.

If you think of me, please pray for me on Thursday morning. Pray that I will speak the words that will bless and encourage the group of women I’m speaking to. Pray for my ability to speak calmly and truthfully. Pray that I will not freak out and quit. (Ha! Wouldn’t that be a great story, though?)

I feel honored to get to tell people what God has done for us. I hope I can do it justice. Gotta go work on my powerpoint now. 😉




(just kidding about the powerpoint. but seriously, what program do people use to share photos these days?)

4 thoughts on “first gig.

  1. I have a similar list. lol
    Praying that God gives you the words to speak and that the Holy spirit touches those you’re speaking to. And I would use power point 😉 I think it will help give a visual and keep you on track.


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