It stinks to be a woman sometimes.

Like when you get older. I’ve been really struggling lately. I’m unhappy with my weight, and I’ve tried to do something about it. I joined Weight Watchers again, which is something that usually works for me. But this time, it’s harder. So. Much. Harder.

I went to see my dr last week. “Losing weight gets harder as you get older,” she said. “You lose muscle mass as you get older. It might be a good idea to start lifting weights. And your bones, those get weaker too. It’s not as easy as it was back in your twenties.”

Geez. What a downer, huh? So, at thirty-four I feel like I’m sixty. Bummer. She did leave me with something positive though.

“It will only get harder to lose the weight as you get older. You’re wise to do it now.” Hmm. I guess it’s now or never.?.?

Someday I hope my kids will be grateful for my beat up, soft bellied body. The warm body that was their home for nine months and grew to accommodate them and give them life. As for me, I just want to feel comfortable in my skin, no matter what the scale says. I suppose it’s worth a little effort to get there.

Elliptical? Weights? Salad? Anyone??
It stinks to be a woman sometimes.

All I want for Christmas is…

My kids have been pestering me about Christmas. “What do you want, Mommy?” Even Ian has asked me if there’s anything I’d like.

My answer is always, “nothing.” And I really mean it. I don’t want anything. Still, I know my kids want to shop for Mommy so I made a list for them. It’s better to give them some ideas than to get some really random stuff I’ll never use.

On my list are: socks (because I constantly wear socks with holes in them,) a new coin pouch (because my current strawberry shaped one is so ratty it’s embarrassing when I pull it out of my wallet,) and a bike. Yep, a bicycle. I suppose I’d like a vintage teal colored bike with a basket on the front. In my dreams I envision our family going bike-riding together, everyone happy, having a great time. That, however, is not likely when all three kids whine and complain each time we go. They ride their bikes while I walk next to them nagging them to keep going, all while keeping them safe from speeding traffic. They all still have training wheels because they are too afraid to try going without. And I’m not mean enough to force them. Maybe soon. I’m working on getting meaner about that.

So, do I really want a bike? No. Santa if you are reading this, don’t get me a bike. Let this be a lesson to teach my kids you don’t always get what you put on your list. Ha.

Maybe I’ll get another coffee mug and journal like I do for every other occasion throughout the year. You can’t go wrong with a container for my favorite beverage and pretty paper. Those are always perfect for me. ❤️

GIVEAWAY: favorite kids Christmas books.


“If there was no Jesus, there would be no Christmas,” I said to my kids.

I could see the troubled looks on their faces. After weeks of anticipating the coming of Christmas, the thought of no Christmas at all was almost too much for them to bear.

So, no tree, no decorations, no presents IF there was no JESUS.

“Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. That’s the only reason we celebrate it.”

It’s tough for a kid to understand that. My oldest, who is eight, is used to hearing the stories. She knows. But, my boys, who are five and three, still need to be taught. The following books are some of my favorites to teach kids “the reason for the season.” I will give these away to one lucky winner… OR you can order them for yourself!

The first book above is written from the perspectives of the animals and people around Jesus on the night of his birth. For example, the donkey says, “I am the donkey, soft and grey, I carried his mother from far away.” Among the characters are the star, the shepherds, Mary, and of course, the baby.


This book tells the entire story beginning with Joseph and Mary taking a trip with her riding on a donkey. There is no room for them to stay, but an innkeeper lets them stay in his manger. The baby Jesus in born and shepherds came to worship HIM.


This one is my favorite. Mortimer, the mouse, finds a manger in the living room each night. He decides to move all the “statues” out and takes the baby’s bed on the soft hay. Throughout the story he learns about Jesus, and, by the end, he gives the baby the bed back. He prays for his own home and discovers a house just for him!



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Winner will be announced Friday, December 19!

Merry Christmas!


first gig.

God has written a beautiful story in our family. Ian and I are lucky to be a part of it.

I never imagined talking to a large group of people. Ever. I didn’t think anyone would care to hear anything I had to say. I didn’t think I could face people looking at ME, just ME, with their eyes on me waiting to hear the words coming out of my mouth. Public speaking ranked so low on my list… it was down there with doing a triathlon or eating raw oysters or having to clean a public men’s restroom. DEAD LAST.

Well, oh well, this is just another one of those things I could have never planned for myself. In the last few months I’ve been asked to speak FIVE times. I realized this story God has written in us had to be shared, I just never thought it would be ME sharing it. Since I had no good reason to turn down the requests I decided to go ahead and share. God deserves the glory for everything that has happened, and I will gladly tell anyone who is willing to listen. As long as I’m asked, I will share.

This Thursday I will be speaking to a group of mothers of preschoolers. It will be the first time I share my testimony and tell the story about what happened to Ian in a public setting. I’m really, really excited about it. God is all over this, because, I don’t feel scared or anxious. I can’t wait to tell people about how our lives have changed, how awesome life is, and how everyone should embrace joy in all circumstances. Since I’ll be speaking to moms specifically, I also want to encourage them to be brave in the stage of life they are in… whatever that may be… and to choose joy everyday.

If you think of me, please pray for me on Thursday morning. Pray that I will speak the words that will bless and encourage the group of women I’m speaking to. Pray for my ability to speak calmly and truthfully. Pray that I will not freak out and quit. (Ha! Wouldn’t that be a great story, though?)

I feel honored to get to tell people what God has done for us. I hope I can do it justice. Gotta go work on my powerpoint now. 😉




(just kidding about the powerpoint. but seriously, what program do people use to share photos these days?)

God STILL surprises me.

Guys. I’m sitting at Local Coffee because it’s a writing day for me. All three kids are tucked away in school. I haven’t been child free for twelve days.

I’ve kinda been dreading today. I haven’t had a lot of time to write lately, and I know I have to face my NaNoWriMo challenge. On my drive here I talked to my friend, Monica.

“Did you meet your goal?” she asked.

“Nope. I failed. But that’s okay. I learned a lot.” And it was true. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I wasn’t writing from my heart. I was more concerned about hitting word counts than writing quality words. A new friend suggested that maybe I’d lost my joy in writing. She was right. So I decided to slow down. I slowed WAY down… So much that I didn’t write for days.

There’s no way I will have 50,000 words, I thought. I haven’t written in days. 

So I just put it off. I DECIDED TO FAIL. I would be okay with that.

You see, writing this memoir is like PICKING AT A SCAB. There is pain underneath that I hadn’t felt in a long time. And writing about it was like having it resurface and hurt all over again. So slowing down was good. I didn’t realize how much it STILL hurt.

So, back to today. I’m sitting in front of Ian and my computer at our favorite coffee shop. I started opening all the various files and documents with my words… just to see how short of the 50,000 goal I’d come. I had chapters scattered everywhere.. Google docs, notepads, and most recently, I started using a free trial version of Scrivener (my favorite by the way.)

SO, I started adding up words. YOU’LL. NEVER. GUESS. HOW. MANY. WORDS. I. WROTE.

60,923. Yes, 60,923. I WAS SUPPOSED TO FAIL. God had other plans! He still surprises me! I can cry just thinking about it.

Friends, I just can’t explain it! GOD IS AWESOME to me! I don’t deserve it. I’ll be able to be a NaNo Winner after all. I’m out of words to type.

Happy Tuesday!


Many are the plans in a man’s heart,
but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails. Proverbs 19:21