My dearest baby boy,

You didn’t think I’d forget about you, did you? Yes, you are often overlooked, but you’ve figured out how to get attention around here. Of my three babies, you are my loudest. 🙂

For the last three and a half years, you and I have been inseparable. As in, if I go to the bathroom, you are there. If you are in the bathroom, I am there. You are what people call a “Mama’s Boy.” And I LOVE it. (Most of the time) There are other times when I wish you’d want Daddy so I can get a bit of a break. Still, you and I have an awesome little bond between us and I’m grateful for it.

I remember friends telling me you were smart when you were a baby. “This kid is a genius,” our friend Levi would say. “He figured out how to ______!!!” I sorta believed it. I knew you were a problem solver. If you were hungry, because you are the third child in this family, you’d try to find something by yourself. Once when you could see bananas on the kitchen counter but couldn’t reach them, you went to the bathroom and carried a package of diapers back to use as a step. Success! You could reach the bananas! You were our earliest walker. You crawled out of your crib waaaaay earlier than your brother and sister did.

(You also did some things they never did. You have been the only one to color on our walls. You have been the only one that took medicine on your own because it tasted good. You were also the only one we had to rush to the emergency room after you hit your head while jumping from your sister’s bed. But… I digress. Back to what I love about you.)


You are an amazing little boy. From a mile away, anyone can see the joy in your heart. There is always a smile on your face. I think your dimple on your right cheek is the cutest ever and I’m sure it will help you land the ladies when you grow up. And your lashes, don’t get me started on those! (Jack has great lashes, too, actually.) You’re good at bringing a smile to people’s faces.

Dear boy, you’re such an adventurer! You are inquisitive about everything! Life is just your playground to explore. There is no fear in you. Although you can be wild and crazy, you can also be sweet and helpful. God has given you a kind and gentle spirit. I pray you will bless others with it.

These days, you love to play with anything that has wheels. “Mommy, will you play firetrucks with me?” you ask. You then bring two firetrucks for us and we pretend to put out a fire together. It’s always a relief that no one got hurt in the fire. Such a sweet imagination. 🙂 You LOVE construction vehicles. Your favorite is the big yellow dump truck you got two Christmases ago. It’s still going strong. It’s been in mud, rocks, mulch, and even a bit of snow when we got some last winter. It’s big enough for you to fill up and push and you have a wonderful time doing it.


I’m so glad I get to be your mommy. God knew I had it too easy with my first two, so he sent you to keep me on my toes… Thank you, my dear boy, for the joy you bring to my life. I admire that sense of wonder you carry with you. Oh, to be a child like you… never a dull moment!




This is part of a series called 31 Days of Living the Good Life.

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