My dearest first boy,

I love you so much. For several years I’ve felt guilty about you being the middle child. The one who is left out. The only one who will never have time with just Mom before you started school. Now I know that you were born at the perfect time. God knew you would be the one who would do great without it. Your sister is more sensitive and needed the attention, while your younger brother is more active and needs a bit more guidance than you did. You, my middle child, are amazing. And, actually, I was reminded by a friend that you are not a middle child, but rather, the first son. I love that! You are my oldest son. That makes you so special.

You love to run. You run around the house. Really. Just take off and run. Down the hall, around the kitchen, anywhere you can. Your daddy and I love it. We wonder if you’ll be a runner as you get older. Your favorite show is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I personally think its too scary, but you insist it isn’t. “The good guys always win”, you say. You are going to dress up as the silly ninja turtle, Mikey. He happens to wear the orange mask, which is your favorite color. And he is always funny, like you, which is something I love about you. You’ll do anything to get others to laugh. Even your kindergarten teacher admit you like to be the comedian in your classroom. (I just wish it wasn’t by talking about poop and boys’ bottoms.) 🙂




You are learning to read and you are great at it. Just last week you read your first book all by yourself, Go, Dog, Go by PD Eastman. I was so proud of you! So excited I even ordered your own copy of the book to keep forever. I plan to write a note inside saying it was the first book you ever read by yourself. And speaking of reading, today as you got in the car after school you announced, “Mommy, we learned a new high frequency word. Guess what it is.”  “What?” I asked. With a smile across your face you said, “The word is but. B, U, T, but. Not like the bottom though.”


One day recently you just came out of your room dressed like this. “Because super heroes wear their underwear on the outside,” you said. You ARE right about that. What a great observation. Can’t say I ever noticed.

And there you have it. You are all boy, my boy. My tree climbing, potato chip loving, all adventurous BOY. I’m glad I get to be your Mama. Keep on lovin’ life, my love!



P.S. There is a rumor going around in our family. Some think I love you most because you look most like me. Your sister and brother have blonde hair and blue eyes like Daddy. You, however, have brown hair and brown eyes like me. I will neither confirm nor deny this. But just between you and me, I have to admit that I love that about you. It’s cool to have something in common only with you.  🙂



This is part of a series called 31 Days of Living the Good Life.

3 thoughts on “22. letter to my oldest son.

  1. I love this! Makes me think about my Clarke. He looks just like me, and his little sister already looks just like daddy so I’m pretty sure I’m going to have just one little boy as my mini-me in our house too. Make sure you print off these letters and save them for your kids to read later! I am writing a poem about each kid for every single birthday and saving them all in a book. Hopefully they’ll think that’s sweet and not super lame 🙂


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