Dearest daughter,

You have grown into a lovely young lady. When I look at you, I can hardly believe you were once a tiny little baby in my belly.

I’m enjoying being your mommy so much. We cook and bake together, we take care of your brothers together, and we laugh and play together. You are so beautiful. I love those big blue eyes of yours. I love your silly laugh and smile. I love everything about you.

You love reading. You LOVE reading. Did I mention YOU LOVE READING? These days you read anything you can get your hands on, and finish books in practically no time at all. I’ve read some books lately just so I can talk to you about them. Among them are Fantastic Mr. Fox, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant Peach, all great reads by Roald Dahl. I finally got you some Ramona books, and I’m hoping to read them soon so we can talk about those, too.


I love planning our meals together. “What should we make for dinner this week?” I’ll ask you. “Oh, how about chicken tacos or spaghetti,” you’ll say. Last week you surprised me by suggesting fish sticks. So I got you some. You flip through my copies of the Pioneer Woman and Magnolia Bakery cookbooks all the time and ask my opinions on which I’d like and what I think we should make. It makes me feel special when you ask me what I like. I wish you knew how much I just want to make what YOU want, sweet girl.

You wear a uniform for school everyday, and for a long time you wore your hair the same way. You simply brushed it and put a clip in it. Lately, I’ve noticed that you’ve started to play with your hair. You try ponytails, braids, and cute accessories. You’ve started polishing your nails, too. I like seeing you become more girly. Daddy says I need to spend more time with you doing girly things. We have to stick together in this house where boys outnumber us! 🙂


I pray that we continue to be friends. My role as your mother means I have to teach you and guide you through life, but my ultimate goal for you is to lead an honest and Godly life independently someday. I’d be delighted if, when you are a grown adult with children of your own, we can still be the best of friends. You are an amazing girl. I’m anxious to see more of you as you continue to grow. Each new year shows more of your personality and character. You are unique and wonderfully made.

I know I am not perfect, but I believe God made me the perfect mother for you. I pray that you would give me grace and always know that I try my best for you each and every day. You carry my heart with you everywhere you go. I love you always, my chocolate-loving girl.

love, Mama


This is part of a series called 31 Days of Living the Good Life.


10 thoughts on “21. letter to my daughter.

  1. What a lovely letter to your daughter! I wish I had written more letters and notes to my daughter. I will start again right now. The time goes by way too fast and I was not prepared for it. Time can be such an enemy and friend. One suggestion, for dinner try spaghetti tacos!


  2. What a beautiful letter to your daughter. I love getting a glimpse of her, of your relationship.
    This is my first time visiting…and just started reading around. Thank you for sharing your journey and your heart on these pages.


    1. Hi Melanie! Thanks for reading! I love my girl so much, I’d love for her to read these letters and have them as she gets older.


    1. Lauren, yes! It is the little things! The little things are really the big things that matter most in life. Thanks for stopping by!


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