“In case of an emergency, the oxygen mask above you will drop. Place it over your mouth and nose to breathe. If you have small children, place the mask on yourself first, then place a mask over the child.”

One of the things I struggle most with is taking care of myself. I’m doing better lately, but for a long time I neglected to do this. My family is my priority, so any time I took away from them to do something for myself felt wrong. Like I was cheating on them or something. But here’s the thing, because I was with them ALL THE TIME, I also had this attitude of “woe is me” all the time. Poor me, I’d think, I haven’t had a pedicure in months. And when was the last time I bought myself anything? I wish I could just go sit by myself somewhere with a cup of coffee and a good book.

I thought I couldn’t do these things. I felt guilty for even wishing them. How could I possibly be so selfish and think about myself? My job is to take care of THEM, right?

Well, yes. My job is definitely to take care of my family. Although I don’t have a full-time paying job, being a wife, mommy, and manager of my home makes up my days. And entire days are not even enough time to get it all done! There are so many things I wish I had more time to do each day. My jobs around here are never ending.

As time passed, something happened. I started to become irritable. I became discouraged…tired… and dare I say, depressed? After much pondering, Ian and I decided I needed some time to myself. I needed to do things that were good for ME. We thought if I took care of myself I’d be refueled and ready to get back to taking care of everyone else. I’d do a better job and have a much better attitude. It worked!

So, if you are a wife or mom, single parent, or any other caregiver, I have some advice. Take care of yourself! Do it for the sake of those you care for. Do some of the things you enjoy… the things you used to do before time flew and life took over. Get a pedicure. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, by yourself. Go shopping for a new pair of shoes. Go see a girly movie with some girlfriends. Go eat some yummy Mexican food. That always does it for me. 🙂

After all, how good of a mom will you be if you are worn out and unhappy with a bad self-esteem? (Not a great one, trust me.)






This is part of a series called 31 Days of Living the Good Life.

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