First day of school.

Our summer started to drag a couple of weeks ago. We were bored and truthfully I was getting crazy without a consistent schedule. Don’t get me wrong, we really do love each other, but the kids and I knew it was time. Time to go back to school. We all needed it.

kinder and 3rd grade

My oldest started third grade and my middle child (oldest son, I should add bc it makes me think he is less of a middle child that way) started kindergarten. Excitement was in the air Wednesday morning. The first day of school. Here are the yearly pics in front of our house.

Mommy and Emma

Mommy and Emma

Daddy and Jack

Daddy and Jack


I asked Luke if we wanted to go to school like his big brother and sister. He replied he did not. “I’ll just stay with you all day, Mommy.” Works for me, Lukie.

Luke wanted to be in the pic, too

Luke wanted to be in the pic, too


I’m praying for a great school year for my children. I want them to learn their academics, but I also want them to grow as individuals this year. Our school does a wonderful job of educating the children as a whole. Parents are encouraged to set short term and long term goals for their children. We know our children best, and we know their strengths and their weaknesses. The hope is that we can work on some of those weaknesses so the kids can improve in those areas. The following are some areas I will pray for my children. Will you join me in praying for their little hearts? Perhaps you would consider praying some of these over your children and grandchildren, too?

I want them to be obedient. I want them to have confidence in themselves. I want Emma to work on being more responsible and orderly. I’d love for them to be helpful to their teachers and classmates. Ultimately, I’m praying for them to reach the potential they are capable of at their age. I pray they develop into the people God created them to be.

Have a great 2014-15 school year, friends!

I give up.

Luke, my third child, likes to make a mess with his toys and does not clean up. He procrastinates so much I end up cleaning up for him just so we can move on to the next thing of the day. (I know this is not a good idea, totally my fault.)

Sunday night Luke was in the playroom with his trains and tracks, one of his favorite things to play. It was time for bed so I asked him to clean up.

“But I’m not ready to clean up, Mama,” he said.

“I still want to play.”

“I don’t think so, Luke. It’s time for bed.”

He stared at me with a disagreeing look, but said, “Okay, Mama.”

He turned away from me and I watched as he continued to play. He got down on the floor, his face eye level with the trains. He continued to attach more trains, knowing he was supposed to be cleaning up, but having no idea I was watching him.

“I give up. I don’t know how to clean up,” Luke said.

“What? You can’t give up on cleaning up. Nice try.”

In my eight and a half years of parenting I’ve never had any of my kids say they give up when they don’t want to do something. Oh, sweet Luke! You are something else!

Nice try, buddy. I take full responsibility though. I created him to be this way. He knows that if he doesn’t clean up, I will do it for him. Time to follow through, Denisse. This third child has it way easier than the other two did.

“You can do it. If you made this mess, you can clean it up,” I told him.

After a while of whining and crying, and a LOT of redirection and threats to lose toys, Luke finally did clean up. Hopefully I can continue to follow through.

Dear Lord, Help me to be consistent with my expectations with all three of my children. Although sometimes its easier to do things myself, I know there is value in training them to do right on their own.