We had a great first day and drove over 650 miles! We are spending the night in Deming, New Mexico.

Things I learned today:

I thought I was going to like my new Honda Odyssey, but today I discovered how much I LOVE it! It’s cozy, yet spacious; it’s big enough to fit our stuff comfortably and I’m still close enough to pass the kids snacks and toys. After years of saying I would never drive a minivan, I take back anything negative I ever said. Never say never. Especially when your kids are involved.


When we travel I always try to see places with a fresh, new perspective. Usually it’s snow or the beach, but today I found beauty in the mountains of west Texas. Brown and dry, they have gorgeous patterns in the rock, and can be seen for miles around. God created those mountains, too and they are lovely in a rocky mountain sort of way.


My kids are rockstars. We spent all day in the car and they did not complain even once. We stopped several times throughout the day, but it was because Ian or I had to go to the bathroom! They did amazing on the road. I’m one happy mommy!


Good day. Hoping for the same tomorrow. San Diego, here we come!

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