Packing for five people stinks. It stinks even more when you have to pack for ten days. I started packing a few days ago, and my goal was to pack as little as possible.

When Emma was three months old, we took our first trip to visit the grandparents. Let me tell you, I would have taken the entire house if I could. We took her Pack N Play, baby bathtub, twenty outfits (for three days), six pairs of shoes, a chest full of toys, five of her blankets, three lovies, oh my goodness… We took more with us on that trip than we will be taking tomorrow for five of us for ten days. I’ve learned so much in the last eight years.

Kids adapt. They can sleep in other beds. They will be fine if they have to wear the same outfit a few times. And most importantly, they can find things to play with anywhere.

Moral of the story: less is more when we travel with kids. It’s taken us this long to figure that out. We’ve learned if you forget something, there is always a Target close by.

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