If you know Ian and me, you know that we are not big planners. We usually don’t have a solid plan figured out for date nights, we often decide to go out to dinner last minute, and we sorta just fly by the seat of our pants. Some people like that about us, and it drives others crazy. As much as it can drive me crazy, too, I’ve come to accept that it’s who we are.

Our most recent last minute decision was to take a trip this spring break. Ian and I love snow (we went to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for our honeymoon.) Our kids had never seen snow and they had mentioned wanting to see some for a few months, so we thought we’d find some. The closest place to San Antonio is Ruidoso, New Mexico, a ten hour drive for us. It’s been so long since we’ve been on a trip that the length on the road didn’t scare me. We decided to do it a week and a half before.

The drive was actually not too bad. Ian and I counted the number of stops we took and it was only 6, including a quick breakfast, gas, and rest stops for Luke to go to the bathroom. (Remember that we just started potty training Luke a couple of weeks ago???) The kids did great.

The cabin we rented is wonderful! It has two bedrooms, all appliances, and is even stocked with a full kitchen including dishes and condiments for cooking. We hit the jackpot with this place. We love everything about it.

It’s so quiet and peaceful here. As I reflect on the last couple of days, I am so grateful for this time with my family. We are on vacation, but it feels like a heavenly dream.

It feels like a dream without schedules and routines, with the freedom to do what we want whenever we want to do it. Tonight, for instance, we stayed in and cooked spaghetti, sat at the table by the fireplace to play Spot It, and got in the hot tub. (Oh yea, there’s a hot tub with an amazing view, too.) I loved just being here, doing nothing, and yet having such joy with my family. This is what life is all about!

God has shown me much of Himself here. He is in the beautiful trees and mountains, the crisp white snow that we saw as we overlooked the mountain from a gondola ride, and mostly, in my children. There are no words for how sweet it is to see their expressions and reactions as they experience new things. God made them smart, curious little beings, and I had forgotten about that. I’m grateful for that gentle reminder. It makes me want to be more deliberate with our time and what we choose to do with it.

Once again, I am in awe. I am refreshed. I’m convinced that we need little trips to unwind and refocus. We have one more day in this dream and I’m excited about it. We have no plans. We will figure it out in the morning and I’m sure it will be wonderful. After all, we are together and that’s all that matters.

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