I need help! I need to have a great, catchy title for my memoir and I’d like suggestions. So far, I’ve thought of these, but don’t love them.

Wake Me Up ( the last thing Ian said to me before he was intubated, meaning he wanted me to wake him up one last time to see me and the kids one last time if he wasn’t going to make it)

In Sickness and In Health ( the promise we made when we got married, going through his sickness together)

Can You Type Without Fingers?
(Our friend came up with this one)

All of the titles would have a subtitle too. Help friends!!!

7 thoughts on “Help with book title.

  1. Love following your blog! I would vote for WAKE ME UP. that is outstanding! So happy for your family, and you all are AMAZING!
    Vicki Bohnenkamp
    (Recruiter friend, and friends of Trey Moore’s Family)


    1. Thanks so much for following my blog, Vicki! I appreciate that so much! I like the title “Wake Me Up” too, I just think the subtitle would have to be descriptive so people will know what the book is about. 🙂


  2. A friend called her book “Detour to Happiness” by Cyndee Hopkins. It was her story of her husband’s sudden death leaving her to raise four kids, the youngest one autistic.

    I had a similar experience to yours (we are 22 years the other side of it) where my husband had surgery that went bad, was in ICU for three months and came out with a traumatic brain injury as well as some physical limitations. This was at the same time that I was being treated for breast cancer. The title that keeps flowing through my mind is Forged by the Fire. The trials we went through and the people we meet along the way made us stronger Christians.

    Good luck on your book. Can’t wait to read it.


    1. Claudia, I had no idea that you have been through so much! God is good, and I know that He has walked with you each step of the way. I’ve been told that God gives his toughest tasks to his toughest soldiers. That must make you one of the toughest! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing so openly. God bless!


  3. “Our Godly Legacy” – How God wrote His story, across our hearts.
    “God’s Plan” – How God used our families trials to His glory.
    “A New Direction” – Our families trials and the new direction God sent us.


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