I’ve been burdened with thoughts about life lately. I came across a video in which a baby, while still in its mother’s placenta, was alive and moving outside of its mother’s body. The baby was tiny, and yet, seemed to possess all the qualities required to live life. I’m not sure how many weeks of gestation it had survived, but it was clearly smaller than any baby I’ve seen that was born around its due date. As the nurse touched the outside of the placenta, the baby moved in response. It seemed to be reacting to touch and/or pain. I’ve tried searching for it since then without any luck. (if I find it again, I will post it here.)

This video has shaken me and reminded me of what I know to be true. I am convinced that a human life begins at conception. Each time I have been pregnant, I am anxious to go to the doctor to hear that first heartbeat. Twice, I was too early to see it (or hear it) and it worried me. If there was no heartbeat, there was no baby. I was anxious to hear and see the heart beating because that meant that there was a baby beginning to grow.

That being said, I believe that abortion ends a real human life. Period. If there is a heartbeat, it is a human life. So, I believe that abortion is wrong. It is wrong to end the life of an unborn baby. How can it be against the law to kill an animal, and yet legal in some states to kill a baby?? This doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand that sometimes a baby is not planned. I understand that sometimes a baby is created through rape. BUT, it is still a human. Who are we to take the life of an unborn child? Who is going to speak up for the unborn??

I believe that pregnant women should be given support and options when they face an unwanted pregnancy. There are many people who struggle with infertility and would love to have a baby themselves. Even people who already have children may want to adopt more children. Adoption is a wonderful option for women facing unwanted pregnancy. I also believe that we should help these women through the challenging experience of unwanted pregnancy. As Christians we should support these women in any way that we can. We can open the doors of our homes to them, share our resources with them, and encourage them to choose to keep the life that they are carrying inside them.

This will not be easy. It is easy to say that abortion is wrong and then offer no help or other option, such as adoption, to these women. We can quickly judge them for making that choice because we are not in those shoes ourselves. Maybe we need to put ourselves in their shoes for a minute and try to empathize. What can we do to help? How can we encourage these women to NOT end a life? That is what I want to figure out. I don’t want to stand back and continue to do nothing as babies continue to die. The unborn need a voice, too, don’t you think?

In a recent sermon Matt Chandler of the Village Church compared ending life through abortion to the Holocaust. How could so many people stand back and allow this to happen? Are we going to stand back and allow abortion to continue to happen? I hope not. Now that we are far removed from the time of Holocaust, we can ALL see that it was wrong. In enough time, we will ALL see that abortion is wrong, too.

Thoughts, anyone? I needed to write this or I would burst!



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