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What kind of San Antonian would I be if I didn’t write about the bit of “snow” we got a couple of weeks ago? This hardly ever happens, so we have to document for the books. My kids were so excited to see it!  There is something magical about snow. Every time I am around it, I can’t help but thank God for all of the beauty that he has created for us to enjoy. Snow is one of those things for me. (Maybe if I lived up north somewhere and had to shovel it I’d feel differently.) Please enjoy some of our photos from that day. By the way, I was only outside long enough to take the photos, I’m a bit of a wimp and was too cold to play.

Emma probably enjoyed it the most. We have been praying for snow for several months. She loved it so much!  She even collected some of it and put it in our deep freezer in the garage to keep.

photo (26)


Sweet Jack was so cold.  He couldn’t believe there was real white stuff on everything. His eyes were big and bright as he looked at it all. It is wonderful to see something new through a child’s eyes. He was amazed but was ready to come back inside after a few minutes like I was.


photo (28)

Luke and his dump truck are inseparable. He takes that toy with him everywhere these days! I was so glad to see that it had some snow in it, too. What a wonderful little memory for Lukie to see it filled this way.

dump truck
dump truck


The fifteen minutes we spent outside were pretty fun. The kids were in their pajamas and rain boots, which are not warm enough when the temperature out is 29 degrees. We definitely don’t have clothing for this type of weather. They made snowballs and threw them at each other. The boys just kept saying how cold their hands were. Everyone was ok with coming back in the house and admiring the white stuff from the comfort of the warm couch. 🙂  Sadly, I just realized that I’m not in any of these pictures. Bummer!

photo (30)




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