Procrastinating potty training.

Without giving it much thought, a few months ago I told Luke that he would be wearing real underwear when he turned three. “Guess what you get to wear when you turn three? Big boy underwear just like Jack!” I never thought about what that would mean for me. I should have thought about it a bit more before I announced it.

Despite not feeling confident that he was ready, I decided to keep my word and follow through. (I don’t ever want to lie to my kids. I want them to always trust me and know that I mean what I say.) I’ll admit, I wasn’t looking forward to it and I wasn’t expecting potty training to be easy. For one, once we move to underwear in our house, we don’t go back. I knew we were not going to quit even if it got tough. This could mean weeks (or months) of accidents and practice. It would mean sitting on the floor in the bathroom for hours reading books and singing songs with Luke in an effort to help him be successful. My attitude was lowsy and I saw it as another chore to add to my day. Ugh!

We started with the training three days ago. Today, I am proud to say that Luke is doing great! He has had no pee pee accidents in the last two days, and even went poo poo in the potty today!!! (I apologize for those of you who don’t have kids if this potty talk makes you uncomfortable.) This is a BIG deal! Luke has made awesome progress! I’m so thankful and relieved. If we keep this up, he could be totally trained in a week or so.

Moral of the story: Follow through with something even if you don’t feel like it. I sure didn’t want to start potty training, but now I’m so glad I did. I think the worst part it behind us. (The worst part being poo poo in underwear on two separate occasions in the last two days. Those undies went straight to the trash!). Aren’t we always glad we did something that we didn’t want to do when we are done with it? I can say that about exercise, grocery shopping, laundry, and just about anything. If there’s something you’ve been meaning to do, quit putting it off and just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Happy 3rd birthday!


Last Saturday we celebrated Luke’s third birthday. It was a great day filled with fun, friends, and food. He had a wonderful time! He had seen the Big Green Gym Bus at another friend’s party and insisted that he wanted it to come to our house, too. Soooo, being the great parents that we are, we made our three year old happy and invited the green bus to come on over.



He wanted to have a “minion birthday” so I whipped up these cupcakes. They turned out cuter than I expected. Thanks, Pinterest!



Overall the day was great. We had a wonderful time as a family. We are so thankful for this sweet, fun boy. He will certainly be a joy to parent for the next fifteen years! Luke’s birthday has made me reflect on our family. He is the baby, but he is not a baby anymore. We are actually done with diapers in our house. We’ve told Luke for months that “when you turn three, you get to wear big boy underwear!” I’m not sure I thought that one through well enough. Now I’m stuck potty training. Once we are all done with that we will really be past the baby stage. I have mixed feelings about it. I love babies, but I also love not having to change diapers or wake up in the middle of the night. I suppose I’m ready for the next chapter in this exciting adventure we call life! God is good!!!



I’ve been burdened with thoughts about life lately. I came across a video in which a baby, while still in its mother’s placenta, was alive and moving outside of its mother’s body. The baby was tiny, and yet, seemed to possess all the qualities required to live life. I’m not sure how many weeks of gestation it had survived, but it was clearly smaller than any baby I’ve seen that was born around its due date. As the nurse touched the outside of the placenta, the baby moved in response. It seemed to be reacting to touch and/or pain. I’ve tried searching for it since then without any luck. (if I find it again, I will post it here.)

This video has shaken me and reminded me of what I know to be true. I am convinced that a human life begins at conception. Each time I have been pregnant, I am anxious to go to the doctor to hear that first heartbeat. Twice, I was too early to see it (or hear it) and it worried me. If there was no heartbeat, there was no baby. I was anxious to hear and see the heart beating because that meant that there was a baby beginning to grow.

That being said, I believe that abortion ends a real human life. Period. If there is a heartbeat, it is a human life. So, I believe that abortion is wrong. It is wrong to end the life of an unborn baby. How can it be against the law to kill an animal, and yet legal in some states to kill a baby?? This doesn’t make sense to me.

I understand that sometimes a baby is not planned. I understand that sometimes a baby is created through rape. BUT, it is still a human. Who are we to take the life of an unborn child? Who is going to speak up for the unborn??

I believe that pregnant women should be given support and options when they face an unwanted pregnancy. There are many people who struggle with infertility and would love to have a baby themselves. Even people who already have children may want to adopt more children. Adoption is a wonderful option for women facing unwanted pregnancy. I also believe that we should help these women through the challenging experience of unwanted pregnancy. As Christians we should support these women in any way that we can. We can open the doors of our homes to them, share our resources with them, and encourage them to choose to keep the life that they are carrying inside them.

This will not be easy. It is easy to say that abortion is wrong and then offer no help or other option, such as adoption, to these women. We can quickly judge them for making that choice because we are not in those shoes ourselves. Maybe we need to put ourselves in their shoes for a minute and try to empathize. What can we do to help? How can we encourage these women to NOT end a life? That is what I want to figure out. I don’t want to stand back and continue to do nothing as babies continue to die. The unborn need a voice, too, don’t you think?

In a recent sermon Matt Chandler of the Village Church compared ending life through abortion to the Holocaust. How could so many people stand back and allow this to happen? Are we going to stand back and allow abortion to continue to happen? I hope not. Now that we are far removed from the time of Holocaust, we can ALL see that it was wrong. In enough time, we will ALL see that abortion is wrong, too.

Thoughts, anyone? I needed to write this or I would burst!




Can I just say (for the hundredth time) that I am grateful? God has blessed us greatly!

I have the best friends a girl could ever have. They have stuck by me through thick and thin, through miscarriage, new babies, mommy troubles, depression, heartache, and of course, through great joy. I’ve heard people say that friends are the family that we choose for ourselves, and this is truly the case with my girlfriends. I don’t know where I’d be without them!     (Our husbands are best buddies, too, BTW.)

photo (31)

This photo is so special to me. These are our daughters. Between the five of us we have these eight beautiful girls. Our daughters have grown up knowing each other, and if it were up to us, they would be the best of friends just like we are. I pray for our daughters to have the wonderful friendships that we have.  I pray for this new generation of girls to be blessed like we have been!



snow in SA. better to post later than never, right?

photo (29)

What kind of San Antonian would I be if I didn’t write about the bit of “snow” we got a couple of weeks ago? This hardly ever happens, so we have to document for the books. My kids were so excited to see it!  There is something magical about snow. Every time I am around it, I can’t help but thank God for all of the beauty that he has created for us to enjoy. Snow is one of those things for me. (Maybe if I lived up north somewhere and had to shovel it I’d feel differently.) Please enjoy some of our photos from that day. By the way, I was only outside long enough to take the photos, I’m a bit of a wimp and was too cold to play.

Emma probably enjoyed it the most. We have been praying for snow for several months. She loved it so much!  She even collected some of it and put it in our deep freezer in the garage to keep.

photo (26)


Sweet Jack was so cold.  He couldn’t believe there was real white stuff on everything. His eyes were big and bright as he looked at it all. It is wonderful to see something new through a child’s eyes. He was amazed but was ready to come back inside after a few minutes like I was.


photo (28)

Luke and his dump truck are inseparable. He takes that toy with him everywhere these days! I was so glad to see that it had some snow in it, too. What a wonderful little memory for Lukie to see it filled this way.

dump truck

dump truck


The fifteen minutes we spent outside were pretty fun. The kids were in their pajamas and rain boots, which are not warm enough when the temperature out is 29 degrees. We definitely don’t have clothing for this type of weather. They made snowballs and threw them at each other. The boys just kept saying how cold their hands were. Everyone was ok with coming back in the house and admiring the white stuff from the comfort of the warm couch. 🙂  Sadly, I just realized that I’m not in any of these pictures. Bummer!

photo (30)




Super Bowl Sunday.

As I write this, Ian and I are sitting in the living room together. He is in the recliner with his laptop in his lap watching the game while I am lying on the couch, iPhone in hand. There are two large piles of laundry on the floor ready to be folded, but I’ve decided I’m done for the night. Our children are sleeping in their rooms, my house is warm and quiet, and all is well with my soul.

How things have changed in the last eight years. We used to look forward to get-togethers with friends for the Super Bowl. Where are we going this year? Who’s having a party? Should we have people over here? Not today.

Today started with Luke crying at 4 am wanting to come to our bed with us. He has had a fever for five days now. He is a cranky mess when fever reducing medicines wear off. I’ve decided to do whatever he wants while he is sick. Anything to make him feel better.

The day turned into the usual laundry, meal planning, and tidying up for the week ahead. I baked some banana bread that made our house smell heavenly. I even threw in a two hour nap while my wonderful husband hung out with the kids.

Back to the Super Bowl, though. We are no longer young and hip. If rather watch Downton Abbey than the game. (Am I lame?) Ian ordered some buffalo wings for us and BBQ ones for the kids. Maybe if we eat Super Bowl food it will feel like we are joining in on the fun?? Maybe not.

The five of us sat at our kitchen table eating chicken wings while The Polar Express played on the big tv, per Luke’s request. Two year olds apparently don’t care what time of year it is and request Christmas movies any time. (Ian had the game playing on his iPhone, a much, much smaller screen.)

This might not seem like anyone’s idea of fun, and yet, I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m right where I want to be. Tonight as I lie in my bed I will count my blessings. I will thank God for the wonderful day that he gifted me. Boring as it might sound, I’m sure I will miss days like this in twenty years. I’ll enjoy them while they’re here.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, friends!!