Sunday mornings are rough. If you are a mom on Sunday morning, you have a LOT to do. I, for one, have to feed the kids, dress the kids, and then, if there’s time, feed and dress myself. Of course, there usually isn’t time for me since getting the kids ready has to happen. I end up eating a cereal bar in the car looking like I woke up five minutes ago.

This morning I decided to write about it while it was on my mind.

Here’s a recap of our typical Sunday morning:

7:30-8ish- wake up, make breakfast, Ian & I drink our coffee, eat breakfast, hang out at the kitchen table ***EVERYONE is happy

8:30- “oh wow! look at the time! everyone get ready!” At this point, Ian goes off to shower and get ready. I start to clear the dishes from the table and leave them in the sink for later. “We have to leave the house at 9!” I yell. I quickly go off to pull out clothes for the boys and dress them. Luckily Emma can get her own clothes, but, more often than not, she chooses an outfit that I have to ask her to change out of. Still, I don’t have to dress her and I’m grateful. Sometimes it takes three or four tries to get something acceptable for her to wear. (Meanwhile, Ian is still in the nice warm shower.)  While I pack Luke’s backpack with diapers and snacks I am grateful that Jack doesn’t need to pack one too.  All three kids need their hair brushed. (I’ll admit that sometimes when we are in a real crunch we skip the boys’ hair)

8:50- The kids are ready, backpack is packed, and I’m off to get ready with 10 minutes left. I look in the mirror to examine myself. I look rough. I’ll brush my teeth, splash cold water on my face, and put my dirty hair in a ponytail. “I’ll take my makeup bag and do it in the car,” I think to myself. When deciding what to wear, I pick the easiest, closest thing I see. Usually it is the jeans that I wore the day before, since I only wore them for a few hours. That’s ok, right? Hopefully I won’t see anyone today that saw me in them yesterday. I look over at Ian annoyed. In all this time, I have managed to get the three kids ready and he is just turning off the water in the shower. “Must be nice,” I think to myself. I am now upset. “Why do I have to get everyone ready and he just has to worry about himself?? I skipped a shower, why can’t he??”  *** I am NOT HAPPY

I throw on my clothes and find my watch. I feel like I look terrible. I am now really mad at Ian. “Hurry up. We have to leave in 5 minutes,” I say. “Everyone load up!” I walk to the kitchen to reexamine the kids and we head out the garage door. The kids start to get in (there’s usually whining going on.) “Does anyone want a snack in the car? Goldfish, fruit snacks?” I ask. Once they are buckled in their seats I go back inside to get their snacks, my cereal bar, my bible, my purse, Luke’s backpack, and anything else that needs to be in the car. By this time, Ian is finally coming into the kitchen. We walk out the door at the same time and get in the car. *****I am REALLY NOT HAPPY

I say some things that are not very nice to Ian during the drive to church. “Its not fair,” I say. “Why do you get to take your time to get ready?” I say. “I look like I woke up 5 minutes ago.” Ian says nothing. It makes me upset that he doesn’t say anything. I want him to say he’s sorry. But, what should he be sorry for?

We get to church, take the kids to their classes, and spend the morning not talking to each other. During the last 15-20 minutes of the lesson I am convicted and my heart softens. I realize that we are in church and shouldn’t be upset at one another. (The only one upset is me, by the way.) I say that I’m sorry for being so mean to him in the car. We decide that we will make a plan together so that this doesn’t happen again next Sunday. We need to start getting ready earlier, we say. We can make a plan on Saturday night, we say.

To our surprise, our Sunday ordeal happens again. And again. And again.

Surprisingly, when I talk to my girlfriends about this, I hear that it is a very common issue. So, hang in there, SuperMoms! You can do it! As I’m writing this we have 30 minutes left before we have to leave our house. None of the kids are ready, I’m not ready, and Ian is in the bathroom. Hmmm. I’m going to try my best to stay calm and happy.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


2 thoughts on “To all SuperMoms on Sunday morning.

  1. This was great Denisse! I know there are many moms that can relate to you and your experience. Those years are far behind me now. I only had 1 child but I could still relate! I’ll be thinking of you next Saturday night while you and Ian are planning ahead and getting to bed early! (Big smile!)


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