Last week I spent an hour at Barnes and Noble… by myself! I always love being there, browsing the newest books and wishing I had more time to read them. I browsed the best sellers… Bill O’Reilly has a book out called Killing Jesus. I am Malala is out, too. If you haven’t seen the video of her on the Jon Stewart show, it’s a definite must-see. She is a young girl who has stood up for education and suffered for it.

I walked over to the Fiction section and found an entire shelf devoted to Stephen King!!! I’ve recently read his book On Writing and it loved it.

As I browsed I wondered. Where do I want my book to sit in here? Should it be with the nonfiction books up front? I can only dream of that! Should it sit in the biography section with other memoirs? Or, should it sit in the Christian inspirational section? It would certainly fit in the Christian section. My concern with that is that I might be limiting the audience of readers for it. I’d like for it to reach as many as possible.

The reason I need to figure this out is because this will greatly affect my decision to send my proposal to agents. I will send my proposal to agents that represent books similar to mine. Hmmm, thoughts anyone?

It is November and my deadline of sending proposals out by Thanksgiving is fast approaching. Luckily, I think I’m right on track. I appreciate your prayers for me as I continue to work on this.


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