Praise God for a new day! His mercies really are new each morning!

After going to bed at 6:30 last night it didn’t surprise me that they were awake at 6:30 this morning. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. We had plenty of time together while we sat at the table for breakfast. We weren’t rushed at all. AND we did not watch any tv!

The boys asked if they could, but I just reminded them about what happened yesterday. I’m proud to say that we did not watch any tv after we all came home from school. We carved our pumpkin for this year and baked the seeds for a snack. After baths we even had time to read 3 books about pumpkins. The day seemed so much calmer and the kids were in a better mood. I’m so grateful for the positive change!

I have to share that Emma redeemed herself by asking if she could read out loud for me this morning. I had told her last night that I was going to write a note to her teacher telling her that she did not want to do it. I let her try again and she did well so I decided not to send the note after all.

I’m so grateful for my kids. Being a parent is so hard sometimes. I don’t know if the decisions I make are the best ones for them… But I definitely try my best at it. I admit when I am wrong to them. I ask them for their opinions sometimes. I make sure they know that I’m the boss, but I also want to be an honest and real mom to them.

“Dear LORD, help me to be a loving mother to my children. Give me the wisdom to guide and discipline according to their individual needs. Above all, let them learn about you through me. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.”


4 thoughts on “No tv was a success!

  1. Hi Denisse, Congrats on no tv! TV has become such a crutch and barrier in families. Family time is so important and I appreciate the effort you are making. Being honest and real is what they will remember and respect you for when they get older. Thanks for sharing! I look forward to following your blog!


    1. Thanks, Laura! I think the decision was a good one for our family. I enjoy reading and playing with them so much more. I’m working on finding a good balance. 🙂


  2. As a grandmother of 5 and a mother of 2, I have learned about over the years. The biggest thing I learned when it comes to disciplining the children, is to always let them make the decisions and let them take responsibility for the consequences. I always give them s choice. Example– Do you want to eat all your supper or go to bed? Do you want to put your toys away or me throw them in the garbage? Then make sure to always follow through. There is no fighting, arguing or bartering. Its all cut and dry. Black and white. No grey areas. It has worked great through the years. Even my 3 year old grandson knows how this game works. I tell him he can go to bed without any whining or crying or he can go to bed without the night light. I let him make the decision and it he starts whining or crying, I go in his room and turn the night light off and don’t say a word to him. Before he goes to bed I ask him what the rules are and he will quote back to me exactly what I have told him. It doesn’t really matter the age of the child, just always give them 2 options and let them decide. Then its not you being mean, its the decision they made. Works wonders. Let me know how it goes.


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