What a yucky day. You know those wonderful days, when your children are happy and obedient, and you just beam with joy at the family you have been blessed with? Well, today was NOT one of those days.

The day started with the usual. Emma getting ready and going to school. Ian drove her to school for the first time since having his surgery three weeks ago. Yay for that. The boys woke up cranky and hungry. They immediately wanted to watch something on tv and have a snack.

“No snack,” I said. “You have to eat breakfast.” “But Mommy, I want a treat…” The whining started. Luke requested the movie Cars about fifty six times today. I let him watch parts of it two different times. Each time I told him we had to turn it off he threw himself on the floor and screamed. I ignored him, but when that didn’t work he redirected his efforts and threw everything in his sight… Food, toys, my phone, whatever he could reach.

Jack was a bit better than Luke today, but barely. His request is How to Train your Dragon. We only have four episodes recorded and my guess is that he’s watched each one about five times.

Why would I allow them to watch tv you ask? Because I’m weak. That’s why. I dread arguing with them. I am too lazy to discipline. I just give in. What a bad mother they have.

Emma is usually pretty good. However, she had issues of her own tonight. She is supposed to read a story from her reader out loud for school and she did not want to do it. Emma is a great reader, but she struggles with confidence and is extremely shy. I will spare you the details, but I will just share that she did NOT follow through with her reading, AND she is crying in her bed as I write this.

How discouraging. All three of my kids had hard days, which makes for a terrible day for me.

This evening before dinner I did something I hope will help us all. I took away all tv privileges. I called everyone to the living room and covered up the tv with a white bath towel. “There will be no more tv. Please don’t ask me. The answer will be no.” Emma and Jack stared with blank expressions. Luke immediately cried, and that crying continued all through dinner as he sat on my lap.

After dinner they all got their pajamas on and went straight to bed. It was only 6:30. I’m praying for renewed strength and patience tonight. I hope our day is better tomorrow. Sorry to write such a negative post, but I’m just keeping it real. Our lives are far from perfect. Every day is a challenge. This parenting thing is hard work but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Keepin’ it real.

  1. Hi Denisse, I loved your post! It helps us all!!! Your TV is equal to my son’s iPAD. However, today it was a math game that he wanted to play over and over! At least not Minecraft for the zillionththth time. I have noticed with the iPAD that if I make a chart on the wall and show him that we are REALLY off balance with our activities…ie…iPad 90 minutes and other fun toys or reading zero time , that he gets it. I too would like to throw away the iPaD, or hide it! Maybe a chart to get you through to the next level. ;)))) It BY NO MEANS IS EASY! But tomorrow will be a better day!!!!! As one Mommy to another….. It’ll be ok. :)) It sure is the toughest ,but best job in the world!!! God Bless, Vicki Bohnenkamp.


    1. Thanks for the advice, Vicki! A sweet friend of mine told me that they only watch tv on the weekends at their house. That sounds like a good idea, too. Ian and I will have to figure it out for our own little family. 🙂 And assess and reassess what works.


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