Its been difficult to find time to write.  I think about the book and have ideas for it all day long, but I haven’t actually sat down to write as much as I would like. I’m praying for more time to write and for that time to be really productive. Please join me in that prayer if you think of me.  I’d really appreciate it!

I’m currently working on a book proposal for my memoir.  I’ve decided to try to have my book published in the traditional way through a publisher (rather than self publishing.)  The book proposal includes the first couple of chapters of the book, a very detailed description of the premise and demographics of  the potential readers, and a chapter by chapter synopsis of the entire book.  It will also include a letter to the literary agent where I can describe myself and my project.  THIS is a BIG DEAL for me.  I want this proposal to be GREAT.  I want my proposal to stand out from a sea of other proposals these agents receive everyday.  My story is a great one, but there are many other wonderful stories out there, too.  I need to WOW them.

I’ve given myself a personal deadline. I want to mail TEN proposals to TEN different literary agents by Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is six weeks away, but who’s counting??  If any of you reading this have any useful advice or info for me I’d really appreciate it.  If any of you know anybody in the “business” I’d love their advice, too.

My hope is that one of these ten agents will be interested in representing me and pitching my book to publishers.  Then I could have an editor to help me through the writing process as I continue to write the rest of the story.

Some days I feel discouraged and not talented enough to write this story.  I’ve thought about quitting, but I think I’m in too far.  This book really is all I think about during the day, so God must really really want me to write it.  I keep reminding myself that He is writing it through me- I am just His vessel. I want to look back a year from now and see how far we’ve made it.  Hopefully the book is finished in a year. That is my prayer. Feel free to join me in that one, too.

If you haven’t already, please sign up for this blog.  Agents and publishers like to see that I have people to “like” or “follow” me.  It would be nice to show them a large number with the proposal. 🙂 Click on the top right and add your email address.  You will get an email and will have to confirm your subscription.  Thanks for doing that!

Ian will finally get his cast removed tomorrow!!! We are anxious to see what his hand looks like after surgery almost three weeks ago.  Thank you for the wonderful meals and food giftcards the last few weeks.  We are grateful!  They have helped keep me sane for sure!

Love to all,



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