The aroma of strawberry pop tarts and coffee surrounded me as I got back in my car. I had just taken the boys to their class and Emma was already at school, so I was on my way home to Ian.  It had already been a crazy morning.  I overslept.  Instead of pushing snooze on my phone I had turned my alarm off when it went off at 6.  Luckily I woke up on my own at 6:40. I jumped out of bed and headed for the coffee. I had been looking forward to eating a yummy blueberry muffin with my coffee while I read before the kids woke up this morning, but now it would have to wait until later.

I set the mug under the dispenser and popped a coffee pod in.  Ready. Set. Brew… I hurried back to my room and threw on workout pants and a workout shirt.  Not because I planned on working out, no.  I chose those because they are a “no brainer” option when I’m in a rush.  Brush teeth, put on contact lenses, splash face with cold water, throw hair in pony tail.  There, that should do it.  Hurry back to coffee… add sugar (we are out of cream) and chug as much as I can without burning my mouth.  This is definitely not the way I like to have my coffee, but it will have to do today.

I went into Emma’s room first.  Poor girl, she is sweet as can be, but oh so slow.  “Good morning, Lulu!” I said in my most cheerful voice. “Its time to get ready for school.”  I turned on her lamp and she pulled her quilt up over her face in response.  “Get dressed, go to the bathroom, and brush your hair.  I’m going to wake your brothers up.”

Next I went to the boys’ room. “Jackie, Lukie, its time to wake up.”  Opposite of Emma, Jack sat right up still half asleep and started to walk to the living room.  “Can I watch How to Train Your Dragon, Mama?”  “I don’t think so, Jack.  We have to get dressed and have breakfast.  Its a school day.”  “Aaaaawwww! But you said—”  I went back to check on Emma.  She was sitting up in her bed putting her shirt on.  Thank you, LORD!

I went back to the boys’ room and pulled out shirts and shorts for both boys, underwear for Jack, and a diaper for Luke.  The boys were in the living room.  “We can watch whatever is on right now.  You can watch that OR nothing.”  Curious George was on and I heard no complaints.  I stripped each boy down and dressed them.  Emma came down the hall dressed too.

LUNCHES!!! Oh my! I have to pack lunches!  I set three lunchboxes on the counter and started packing.  Goldfish baggies in all three, juice pouches for the boys.  Jack wanted chicken nuggets in his lunch.  I took some nuggets out of the freezer and popped them in the microwave.  60 seconds.  While that was going, I went to the pantry and tore off two pieces of foil.  When the nuggets were warm I threw them on the pieces of foil and put leftover mac and cheese in there.  Hopefully it stays warm, I thought.  I’ll have to ask Jack later.  The mac and cheese beeped and I put some in plastic containers for the boys.  There.  Nuggets, mac and cheese, goldfish, and juice.  That’s a decent lunch, right?

“Everyone get your shoes on and let’s load up!!!”  I grabbed lunchboxes and put them in backpacks.  Then I grabbed my purse and the backpacks and headed out the door.  Emma was in her seat, ready to go.  Jack and Luke needed help buckling.  I buckled them in.  “I FORGOT MY COFFEE!!!” I said and headed back inside.  I grabbed what was left of my lukewarm coffee and sat in the driver’s seat.

Yes!!!  We did it!  It was 7:32 and we were in the car!  I handed each kid a strawberry iced pop tart (yes, they make a mess everywhere) and started the Good Morning song.  CD number two, track 6.   And reverse.  We were going to have a great day!  I just knew it!  I took everyone where they needed to be and now I was on my way home… to eat my yummy blueberry muffin with a fresh cup of coffee!  🙂

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