I am now comfortable saying that I am a writer.  I AM A WRITER! Whew. There, I said it… and it feels good.

I am aware that I am not a great writer (yet) so I plan on practicing the craft as much as I can. The Start Conference in Nashville was excellent. The ideas presented can be applicable to anyone, so I plan to share some of these ideas here.  One of the biggest ideas that I took away from the conference is the following.

Words come from a life lived well. -Jeff Goins, goinswriter.com


My life is oh so full.  It is full of love, laughter, and fun.  My husband and children bring me joy daily.  God has been faithful to me and continues to show himself daily. I am blessed beyond measure.

My life has also been full of hardship and suffering.  There have been days that made me long for heaven so much that taking another breath seemed impossible.

After this weekend I have decided that I want to share more of my stories.  I want to write my story my way.  I’d like to inspire and reach people.

I am living life as well as I can and I have plenty of words to share. 🙂




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