I am beyond excited for this weekend! I will be going to the Start Conference in Nashville Friday. It will be my first time in a LONG time to be away by myself. Woo hoo!!!

I am there to get pumped up to write my book. There will be great speakers there and helpful information about writing and speaking. I LOVE to learn, so this will be so fun for me. I’m ready to soak it all in. Please pray for me to meet some helpful people and get some useful resources for my writing. Also pray for Ian who will be home with the kids!!!

7 thoughts on “Start!

  1. Fantastic opportunity! I’m so happy that you are taking this step toward writing your book. I will pray that you will be INSPIRED, learn a lot, and find a mentor to help you. Also praying that Ian will have a great time with the kiddos. Enjoy yourself!


  2. Hey Denise I am sooooo proud of you and happy for you to get away. I went on a trip in Feb all by myself for the first time to the .dotMom confrerence in Dallas! You so deserve this and I and I am so happy that you have listened to and are being obedient to the Lords calling. I myself am about to embark on a journey w/ The Lord. I know you know how challenging, scary, and unbelievable some of the things He calls us to are. Just remember ( as you well know) that if He leads you to it He will lead you through it!! He doesn’t call the equipped but equips the called!! Have fun this weekend!! I will be praying your specific prayers!
    Hey on another note…. Will u be coming to bible study this semester?? We start up Sept 16. This coming Monday. Same time same place. Carmen is not able to come so I will be leading it by my self ( eeekkkk). Well it’s a study on Nehemiah and it is awesome. Unbelievably awesome!! I told Carmen that it is as if the study was written just for me and that I don’t know if Nehemiah ( if he wrote it??) new when he wrote it 2000 yrs ago was writting it for me!! Ha ha ha!! Any ways it sounds like to me you prob would think the same thing. I sure hope u can find some way to come. If not maybe you could get the work book and we could get together and have our own personal bible study. Well I hope u have a great time this weekend. You deserve it!! Love ya and miss ya LL


    1. Hey Lauralee!
      Getting away was great! I’m refreshed and full of ideas… Now I just have to worry about when to do them all. 🙂 I’m not sure about bible study… I think I might have to protect my time to work on this book as much as possible. Love ya!

      PS… What’s going on with the retreat?


  3. Not real sure nothing seems to be coming together. Partly because I wasn’t sure who my speakers would be?? I think I came up with a plan for if u and or my cousin wash able to come as to what to speak about / the the message! Just not quite sure what to think about it. I have to act soon though if its not too late. I can get my deposit back as late as November but really hate to give up on it. I thought about moving it to sometime in March???
    I am meeting w/ my pastor tomorrow about something else that The Lord is calling me too!! Something really big. So I am going to see how that goes and then go from there.


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