One year ago today, Ian had his fingers amputated. He had developed an infection in his left wrist joint and had to have surgery for that, so Dr Pederson decided to go ahead with the amputations in the same surgery.

I remember being discouraged when Pederson came to the waiting room when he was through. Everything had gone well. “I had to get to the good tissue.. It was just mush in there… We had to cut off more than we thought.” My heart sank in my stomach. I knew I’d have to tell Ian when he woke up. He would be disappointed that his fingers would be shorter than we had hoped for.

In perfect Ian fashion, he was not discouraged. “They were no good,” he said. “I couldn’t use them anyway.” He was the one having to encourage me. The surgery was early Friday morning and his hands were bandaged until Sunday evening when the resident dr came.

We had waited so long for the big reveal. After what seemed like forever, the last bits of gauze were removed. His hands were swollen. There were many stitches. The hands were not pretty. His left hand was a puffy paddle with a tiny pinkie. I was disappointed when I saw his right hand. Before the surgery we thought his fingers would be to the length of his first knuckle. The big reveal showed that they were only halfway there. Bummer.

I always try to keep it together for Ian. Even though I was disappointed, I looked at the bright side. “God knew. Ian, God knew that this is what you would be left with. This is not a surprise to Him. You’ll get used to them and be great.”

Here we are one year later and Ian IS great. He surprises me everyday with the things he is able to do. I don’t need to help him much at all, and instead, HE helps ME with house chores and the kids more now. I’m so grateful! God is good!

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