We had an amazing trip to the valley. We got to visit with family and friends, eat some yummy food, and enjoy Ian’s big speech. The last time we had been down to visit was Christmas of 2011, only a month before Ian got sick. I learned that no matter how much time goes by, we instantly click back into friendships. When we got together with old friends it was just like it always was… Except now we all have kids. 🙂 It was such a blessing to see people. We loved every minute.

Ian is doing fantastic! He drove the entire 4 hour drive there and back, which is a big deal when you are wearing fake legs. He was able to adapt what he needed at my parent’s house, too, which makes us think that traveling will now be possible. Yay!! (Carsland, anyone??)

We are looking forward to a fun summer with our kids. Since we didn’t do much last summer we want to make up for it (Ian had his legs amputated last July.) Maybe we will take some road trips to Houston and Dallas to visit friends and squeeze in some fun activities. I’d love to go to the beach, but we haven’t quite figured out how we will do that with fake legs. As far as I know we shouldn’t get them wet.. We will see..

God has been so faithful and good to us. He continues to provide for us and show us that this is His path for us. Our children are doing wonderfully! Praise God that they have handled everything so well. Thank you for your continued prayers. Our family has been blessed by them. 🙂


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