I haven’t updated on Ian lately. Here goes. The good news is: Ian got new legs which will be permanent in a few weeks (once the fit is adjusted.) The bad news: the new legs are terribly uncomfortable.

He got them last Wednesday.. Went in to get them adjusted Friday because they hurt so badly, and is going in again tomorrow morning to see what else can be done. He says that they are really tight and painful. They also use a different type of liner and vacuum system to keep them on… So, since there are several variables we aren’t quite sure how to fix the problem. Please pray for his appointment tomorrow to go well. We get discouraged when his legs don’t fit well. It seems to slow him down and make everything else more difficult.

On another note, pray for those affected by the bombings in Boston. I heard on the news that many people had severe trauma to their lower extremities and may result in amputations. If so, these people will have a very real new life to adjust to. I sooooooo want to send Ian over there to encourage these people!!

Love, denisse

One thought on “Update. Ian’s new legs.

  1. Denisse & Ian,
    I have soooo much I want to share with you both!!! I first heard about your family from Lenzie. She suggested your CaringBridge blog as encouragement for a family member of mine. I couldn’t imagine how such a terrible illness could be encouraging to anyone??? Boy was I WRONG!!! I logged on to make sure I could locate it when I told my cousin. My mother and I ended up starting at the beginning and just finished reading ALL of your posts.

    Words cannot describe how your story has affected me, my life, and my journey/relationship with Jesus. I went through a similar situation in Feb 2011, I was intubated and in a medically induced coma for three weeks. I also had to relearn how to eat, sit-up, and walk again. However, I was so MAAAD at God during my trial. I was so impatient with HIM. I am in awwee of your trust and love.

    I have really enjoyed all the scripture and honesty. Your struggles and down days make all the ups that much more encouraging. If you didn’t share the discourging thoughts the positive ones wouldn’t be believable. I am so happy for your family and progress that you all have made. I hope I get to meet you sometime and give each of you a GREAT BIG HUG!!! Your blogs have been great blessings to me and my mother. I know Emma is shy so if she doesn’t want a hug that’s okay.

    May GOD BLESS your WHOLE family even more than your story has blessed me. THANK YOU!!!


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