Last night was a little rough.  We got home around 6:30pm after getting the kids, Ian’s medicines, and soup for Ian.  We ate dinner, skipped baths, and kids went straight to bed.  Ian and I stayed up a little longer than they did, but not much.

Ian has a pin in his hand and we are supposed to take really really good care of it.  Any movement or accidental injury can really do damage to what has been done during surgery.  At dinner last night, Luke was sitting in the chair to Ian’s left and I would tell that he was afraid that Luke would bump into him or hurt him somehow.  AND yes, that would not be unusual for Luke since he is so busy, so I moved him across the table.  We were all a bit less stressed out about that.  It will be a challenge to keep the boys away from Ian for three weeks.  OR at the very least keep them from jumping around or running around him.

Bedtime stressed me out a bit.  I’m very worried that Ian will roll over on his hand and hurt it, OR that he will fall out of bed (he has no feet, remember) and use his hand to catch his fall….  Anyway, I pinned two pillows together and rolled two towels between them so that Ian could slip his arm in and keep it protected.  He hated the towels in there, so he just stuck his arm between the two pillows.  Then I put a very large pillow next to him to keep him from falling out of bed.  There were probably 12 pillows on the bed.  I’m not kidding.  I know I’m crazy.  I know.  I just don’t want him to hurt himself. 🙂

Poor Ian had a lot of pain in the middle of the night .  I woke up to him moaning…  I don’t even think he knew he was making any sound.  I got up and got him some pretzels so that he could take the pain medicine.  After seeing how poorly he felt, I decided that I should stay home with him today.  I took Emma and the boys to school this morning and spent the day with him.

The rest of the day was good.  I picked the kids up from school and took them for a donut date after school.  Then we came home and played outside.  It was nice and non-eventful.  Ian is still in pain.  He says that it never really goes away.  The medicine just makes it a little more bearable.  I’ve told him that he is allowed to take TWO pills, but he hasn’t wanted to so far.  I think I might have convinced him to take two before bed so he can sleep well tonight.

Thanks again for reading.  Please continue to pray for Ian’s pain, and for his hand and wound on his hip to heal healthily.  Dr Pederson said that his skin can become infected and we are really praying that this does not happen.  He explained that the new skin on his hand can be compared to planting new sod in your yard. It will take a while, possible take in some areas quicker than others, and of course, the whole thing can get scraped off and destroyed.  We are praying for a perfect result from the surgery.  Its difficult for us because we can’t see it, and there is not much that we can do to help other than leave it alone and keep the boys away.  God continues to show us that HE is in control of all things and that all we can do is trust Him.  So far, so good!

love, denisse

3 thoughts on “good day.

  1. My husband just recently had ACL surgery and that first night was so rough. I hated that the pain meds did not seem to kick in until just before he was supposed to take them again. Hoping that tonight is a much easier night for Ian and for you! Praying that the pain goes away soon and Ian’s hand heals nicely. And praying this week goes quickly as you wait to see Ian’s hand next week!


  2. Ugh….so sorry to hear about all the pain!!! Praying for relief!! I understand him not wanting to take two pills…but maybe he’d consider it for just the first couple of days?!! Praying for relief and rest in the meantime!


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