Even though I can’t keep my eyes open, I want to write to thank all of you for your prayers today.  It was a big day.  The kids spent the night with friends so Ian and I were able to leave the house really early to get there.  Dr. Pederson had to do a last minute surgery so he didn’t get started with Ian until 9:45am.  I really appreciate your kind words and encouraging notes this morning.  They really help make this easier.

My sweet friend Melanie came and sat with me in the waiting room.  We had a great conversation and I was glad to be distracted from thinking about Ian.  After she left and we hit the two hour mark in the operating room, I started to get impatient and worried.  Luckily that didn’t last long and sweet Lenzie Davis showed up with her big smile and some lunch.

Dr Pederson came out to the waiting room to talk to me when it was over.  He said that the surgery went well.  He found some muscle that was dead 😦  and removed it.  He said that he was able to pull the thumb away from the palm and used skin from Ian’s hip to cover it.  Ian has a pin in his hand (we are not sure where exactly) that will keep his thumb from moving.  The plan is to see him in one week to make sure that everything is healing nicely.  Ian and I will not be able to see his hand at all for a whole week.  We have no idea what it looks like.  We will get our first peek when he uncovers it in the office next week.  Pederson told me that Ian’s hand is not pretty.  I told him that it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as he can use it!  Overall, Pederson seemed pleased with the surgery.  He did not put the pin to lengthen his thumb like we thought he would.  That will have to happen in a later surgery.

After surgery Ian was in recovery and they let me sit with him while he was there.  It took him a long while to wake up after surgery.  According to the anesthesiologist and nurses most patients wake up within 30 minutes.  Ian was not alert or ready to wake up that quickly.  He was very drowsy and nauseated, and finally woke up two hours later.  Those two hours were tough for me.  I was relieved when he finally woke up and was his usual funny self.

Overall the day went very well.  I’m grateful for friends who took care of my children so that I could take care of my husband.  Ian is really needing help tonight and he doesn’t feel totally better yet.  I pray that God will continue to give me strength to take care of everyone.  So far, so good!

I apologize if I have rambled… I really am exhausted but didn’t want to go to bed without writing to thank all of you and give you an update.  Good night, sweet friends!  You are all such a blessing to our family!

love, denisse


Also, Lenzie created a Care Calendar for meals for our family.  We appreciate meals so much!  Here is the info for that.

The HELPER logon is used by family and friends
that would like to sign-up to help a loved one.

To access Warshak Family’s personal CareCalendar site,
visit http://www.carecalendar.org/logon/141529 and enter
the following information in the appropriate spaces:

CALENDAR ID   :   141529


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