I promised that I would post pics of Ian’s hands.  Here they are.  This is a difficult post for me.  Its much easier to say that Ian lost his fingers than it is to actually show people photos of his hands with no fingers.  But, here goes.


both hands. back.
both hands. back.
photo (15)
left hand. palm.


left hand. side view.
left hand. side view.


Now, before you feel sorry for Ian, DON’T!  The Mama Bear in me will come out!!!  I assure you that he can still type faster than most people.  He can drive and has figured out how to do most things in life.  His right hand is pretty good…  Too bad he is left handed. 🙂  However, we admit that his left hand can use some improvement.  So, we have decided to move forward with reconstructing it.   The surgery will open up the space between Ian’s thumb and index finger bone. Dr Pederson will use a skin graft from Ian’s hip to cover it. In addition, he is going to take out the index finger bone completely to give him even more of a web space to hold things.   **keep in mind that Ian does NOT have an index finger… This is the bone in the palm of his hand that we are talking about.


I wanted to share something else with you.  Something a little more personal.  Last week, while I was at Bible study with some of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met, I shared a little piece of my heart.  I don’t do that often, but one of them told me that my words encouraged her so I will share my thoughts with you, too.  Here goes…

I miss Ian’s fingers.  I really do.  It makes me cry when I think about the fact that I will never again feel his fingers intertwined with mine.  I try not to think about it.  Because it makes me sad.  And I don’t want to seem ungrateful that he is here with me by focusing on that.

I also miss his feet.  We’ve always had a king size bed, and we both like our own space to sleep, but every once in a while, we would fall asleep with our feet overlapping one other.  I miss that.  We won’t ever be able to do that again.

I don’t share these things to make you feel sorry for me and Ian.  I say it because I hope that you don’t take it for granted in your life if you have it.  Protect your marriage.  Love your spouse.  Appreciate every single moment.  Marriage can be tough.. but definitely worth it.

ian & denisse palms.
holding hands.


And there you have it.  I’m finished with a post I’ve been dreading for months.  Thank you LORD for helping me through it!  Please please pray for Ian and our family Wednesday and any other time you think about us.  We pray for a smooth surgery with quick healing and no infection.  We pray for no pain for Ian…. God knows he’s already been through so much!  Pray for Dr Pederson.  Even wise, experienced doctors need God’s help.  Pray for our sweet babies.  Pray for my best friend Christy who is always brave enough to take care of my babies.


Love, denisse


3 thoughts on “as promised.

  1. Denisse & Ian,
    So appreciate your openness and the updates. Will be praying as you asked for the surgery and for your family. May God’s grace cover you and give you the ability to do what you cannot do on your own. He loves and cares for you and so do we!


  2. Truly, that was one of the sweetest posts I’ve ever read because it’s not something one would ever think about. i try to be thankful every day for all the Lord’s blessings, but then you posted that and it made me realize again the things we take for granted. Thank you for sharing and I continue to pray for Ian and you and your family. God bless!!


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