Let me begin by sharing that I had a great post written out last night.  I was on my phone using the Caringbridge app, and it had taken me quite a while to write this post.  Then BAM! all of a sudden it was gone.  Just like that.  Caringbridge crashed.  There are no words to express how upset/frustrated/mad I was.  This has happened before.  I have actually rewritten posts a few times when this has happened.  But NOT last night.  I just quit writing it altogether.  I showed Caringbridge a piece of me.

So, I have decided to write here.  If you would like to read about our progress, please sign up to receive alerts through this website. Thanks!  Maybe that will alleviate some of my frustration with writing.



Ian is doing great!  The spot in his left hand that has taken so long to heal has FINALLY healed.  The skin is closed and smooth.  We are so pleased.  Can you believe he had his fingers amputated in July??  Its been a long time of keeping it covered up.  Now we are trying to lotion it up and help that skin get nice and healthy before reconstruction surgery.  We have an appointment to discuss options in a couple of weeks.

He is wearing his contact lenses daily.  Woo hoo!  He had an appointment with his eye dr yesterday, and guess what?  His vision has actually improved since he was there over a year ago.  I wonder if hyperbaric therapy did it.  He has decided to keep his contacts in for a week at a time.  This way he doesn’t have to worry about them so much.  The doc thinks this is fine as long as he uses drops daily to keep them moist.

We celebrated our TEN year anniversary last Friday.  It was nice to spend the day together and with the kids.  Ian arranged for a sitter to stay with the kids while we went out to dinner.  An anniversary trip did not work out, maybe sometime soon.  On a positive note, I found the dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner while I was cleaning out our closet the other day.  I decided to try it on and it still fit!  That was a nice little encouragement.

The kids are back in school and they are doing great.  All three of them have birthdays coming up.  We are in party planning mode over here.  Emma is busy planning the girls-only crafts for her party, while Jack has decided that he wants a Wild Animal Party and all the guests should dress up as their favorite wild animal.  I’d like Luke’s party to be extra special this year.  Ian was still so weak last year and we couldn’t focus much on Luke. I still don’t know what we will do for his party.  Ideas anyone?

We are thinking about doing some work to our house.  It is an older home, but we love it.  We got it for a great price, so any time we think about moving, we are discouraged by what we could get for the money now.  Soooooo, we would like to live here as long as we can.  Before Ian got sick, we had started looking at neighborhoods we might like to move to.  We decided that we wanted a more open floor plan so that I can see the kids from the kitchen while I am cooking or cleaning up.  We have decided to see if it would be possible to take down walls to open up our kitchen and living room area.  We had a friend come out to take a look and tell us if it would be possible to do structurally.  He is going to get back to us with a price this week.  We have to be careful since Ian is still not working.  AND, we aren’t sure how long it will be before he goes back to work since he still has to have the hand surgeries.

Thats about it.  We are still doing really well.  I am grateful for each day that we get to spend together. God has blessed us more than we deserve!





2 thoughts on “follow this site. and an update on our family.

  1. I feel your pain about the caringbridge post vanishing!! Technology drives me nuts like that sometimes!! Similar thing happened with my calendar recently…I was trying to delete a recurring event, and somehow deleted every future event in my calendar! I panicked – but my tech-savvy husband and iCloud saved me somehow! Praising God with you for the healing and blessings in the Warshak’s home!!


  2. good to hear from you. glad things are progressing.

    we did that with our kitchen wall (cut a big hole in it and put in a bar top). it has made a HUGE difference in the livability of the house. if it is structurally possible, I highly recommend the change!

    take care


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