I spent the day cleaning out our closet. Ian’s and mine, that is… I should add that it was probably 75% me to 25% Ian when I got started.

I’ve been thinking about how I can help others around me more. It gives me such joy to do things for others and to give things to others. I think that is something God has grown in me in the last year. To make a long story short, I decided that we have WAY too much stuff in this house. I want to give things to people who can use them. I’m going to clean out dishes, linens, toys, and other household things that can bless the less fortunate. After all, how many towels and sheets do we really need?

Today’s goal was to graciously find things in our closet to give away. There’s probably no way that I will ever fit into the clothes I wore in my teaching days before kids. Who am I kidding when I hold on to them thinking that I might wear them someday?? Instead, I’d like to find someone who can use them now. And come on, Denisse, when will you need to wear that formal you wore to Wedding X, Y, and Z? Hopefully some sweet girls can wear them to a school dance that they may not have attended without a dress they couldn’t afford..

I’m embarrassed to admit that I found 18 pairs of shoes to find homes for. I’ve read that most people donate their shoes when they are already worn out, so I made sure to find some that were still in great shape.

Poor Ian had to participate in this too. He had his chance at choosing what he would keep and what he could give. We both know that he is a tshirt and jeans kind of guy, so why hoard all the dress shirts? Maybe some nice kid out there can give his clothes new life after being stuck in a closet for probably 10 years.

We both found coats to give away too. I pray that they will keep someone warm for many years to come.

I’m actually going to pray over the clothes. I want to pray for the people that will wear them. Pray for them to know God above all, and for safety, protection, and health over them and their families. I’m confident that they will get to the right person. 🙂

It’s almost 1am and I just finished cleaning out and reorganizing. AND, I have a very large pile of clothes in my room to organize tomorrow. Does anyone know of specific organizations that help people in need?

3 thoughts on “18 pairs of shoes. And some other things.

  1. Denisse, I think that is awesome. I would say Haven for Hope can always use donations of clothes since they have people in and out all the time. I love that you prayed over them!


  2. Denisse, I love your Jan 2nd post… It has given me the will to get off my lazy “procrastination” and get busy doing the same thing. Love you guys and am glad to get this new site. Lolo


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