It seems silly to be thankful for these, but I really am thankful for them, and I will fail at these 30 days of being thankful if I don’t write…  So, sorry its such a lame post, but with Ian in rehab this week, my time has been limited.


What would I do without my coffee these days?  Its the mere thought of coffee that gets me out of bed in the morning sometimes.  If I were smarter, I’d set the timer on my coffee maker so that my coffee would ready when I got up.  But I’m not, and I always think of a reason why I will set it tomorrow.   I walk to the kitchen, straight to the coffee maker and scoop that yummy powder in.  Then I sit at my kitchen table with my Bible open and wait.  Choosing a mug for my coffee is just as fun.  I have my favorites…  one that Emma painted for me for Mother’s Day one year, one that Ian bought me on a trip he took to Santa Barbara, and my old Sweet Eugene’s mug.  Love.  Then bring on the cream and Splenda.  Lots. Of. It.  Aaaaaaah!  I love how the warm mug feels in my hands.   I love how it smells.  I love how it tastes.  I’m not crazy.  I just love my morning coffee.  And the perk, it helps me stay awake!


Dr. Pepper…  Hmm.  Most people either love it or hate it.  Those who love it really love it.  Those who hate it really hate it.  I happen to REALLY LOVE it.  I admit that I have probably had way too much Dr. Pepper the last few months.  My jeans will agree.  The other day when we were at Emma’s soccer practice someone offered me a bottle of water…  “No, thanks,” I said.  Ian looked over at me and said, “She only drinks Dr. Pepper.” HA!!  I had to laugh.  Its kinda true.

So, I’m thankful for Dr. Pepper.  I’m thankful for caffeine.  Without it, I’m not sure that I could keep up with my kids these days.

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