I’m grateful for how far prosthetics have come in the last several decades. When we discussed options with Ian’s doctors, every single one of them said that the prosthetic legs available today are phenomenal. They encouraged Ian to go ahead with amputations and move on with life as soon as he could. We knew at the time that we really didn’t have another choice so we moved forward.

Since then we have learned that there are many options and resources available in the field of prosthetics. Amputees can run, bike, snowboard and ski, and do things just like they did before they had their amputations. I’m thankful for technology that allows for that. I can only imagine the frustration that must come along with losing your limbs and then being limited in your activities because of that. Thanks to modern prosthetics, people don’t have to be limited!

Our family has been thrown into this field of prosthetics and we will likely learn more and begin to reach out to others if and when we can. We are grateful for the opportunity!

Today I am thankful for advances in prosthetics!

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