Luke is my baby. He is the typical mama’s boy, attached at the hip to me. He thinks life will end if he can’t see me when I go to another room. He can lock his arms and legs around me so tightly that I think I will lose circulation. And of course he only wants mommy when he is sick or hurt.

So it’s no surprise that Luke is devastated when I leave him at his early learning center or nursery at church. He’s great at getting his eyes to water and then blink at the perfect time to show me the tears drop from his eyes. Genius.

Today, however, he did not cry! Halleluiah!!! He actually wanted to let go of my hand before we got inside so he could run in. And he didn’t even look back. It’s such a good feeling to see your child be more independent. I LOVE how comfortable he must feel now if he is anxious to get to his teachers and friends. It sure makes it easier for me to leave for Ian’s appointments or to run errands when I know he is happy!

Today I am thankful for Luke NOT crying when he got to school!

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