We had planned on going to our daughter’s soccer game today… It wasn’t even as early as other games have been. But I just couldn’t bring myself to it. Everyone was so tired from a long week (including myself) and the idea of an outing that early with everyone was overwhelming. So we skipped the game (again.) So sorry, Tigers! Fortunately Emma is not the team’s MVP. Sorry, E! Just keeping it real! 🙂

All of that to say that I am thankful for Saturdays. They are the only days when we don’t have to rush out of the house to get someone somewhere. We can enjoy our family’s company and have fun. I usually cook longer meals and we do crafts since we have the time to do it. Today, for instance, we were in our pajamas almost all day. The boys went from last night’s jammies straight to fresh ones after their baths. I didn’t even mind. We had chili, baked a strawberry pie, and made some felt owl bookmarks. So much fun!
(Side note: Don’t leave a glue stick out where a toddler can see it. If he is like mine, he will think its Chapstick and rub it all over his lips and cheeks. That part was not so fun.) 🙂

So, to wrap up, I am thankful for lazy Saturdays. I love to spend them with my little family and friends. They are much needed and refreshing for us all!

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